title By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

When I was about to write this article, I was sorry to hear that a friend of mine was confirmed as infected by the H1N1 virus. The unfortunate H1N1 cases happening in Hong Kong remind me again of the importance of health. Although it is universally acknowledged that enough physical exercise is needed to build a healthy body, many residents have not turned the theory into practice. One reason for this is lack of space. But if you take notice of our living environment, you can think of many ways of taking exercise.

1. Fitness Facilities in the Sports Complex and JC Academy Hall
The Sports Complex and JC Academy Hall provide you with fitness facilities. Get started by joining an orientation course and enroll with the PE Section.

2. Shek Kip Mei Park
Shek Kip Mei Park gives you a way to get closer to nature and have fresh air. There is a synthetic track, which is under the trees, so you can enjoy safe exercise even on a hot sunny day. Moreover, the park has a seven-a-side football pitch and a few basketball courts. They are really of value to sporty people, especially when the basketball court near the Cornwall footbridge is too popular and begins to be occupied by users.

3. Walking and Jogging
Do not think that only running or ball games are called “exercise”. A few minutes’ walk after a meal is also a kind of sports which, in fact, is more convenient and effective. When you have spent several hours before your computer, why not go downstairs and have a walk in the sunshine with your friends, to rest your eyes and mind? This is also a way of enhancing your work efficiency.  You can also consider jogging with friends.

4. Leisure and Relaxation Exercise
You may also take part in leisure and relaxation exercise. Last year, Chan Sui Kau Hall organised regular Yoga classes and Hall 8 ran Tai Chi classes. Students who live on low floors can walk up and down the stairs instead of taking a lift every day. This is not only good exercise but also an environmentally-friendly gesture.

Living a healthy life style is very helpful in making a balanced college life. There are many ways to take exercise in the residence. If you are not sure whether you can keep it up, the best way is to find one or two mates to do regular exercise with you!

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