What will you do when someone is suffering from bleeding, bone fracture, or even
in trauma? Calling an ambulance is surely the immediate thing you must do in a
serious situation. However, before the ambulance arrives, performing necessary
first-aid procedures will help prevent the condition from worsening and even save life. But do you know how first aid is delivered?

In March-April of 2009, the Student Residence Office in collaboration with the Hong Kong Red Cross Society provided students with a standard First Aid Certificate Course which was a golden opportunity for common people like me to learn this useful and practical expertise. From basic medical knowledge to hands-on experience of bleeding and fracture management and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, this course equipped me with extremely practical know-how of first aid.

The first procedure we learnt about first-aid is D.R.A.B.C. (D: Danger Scene Survey; R: Response of Victim; A: Airway; B: Breathing; C: Circulation), which was emphasised by the lecturer from the Red Cross from time to time throughout the whole course. It’s also important to have full and exact knowledge of each and every symptom because different symptoms require different treatment.

The one-hour practice session in each course was the most interesting part. Two attendants formed a team to conduct various kinds of first aid. Everyone tried his or her best to follow every step, as taught and reminded by the lecturer, and strived to perform like a real medical professional. The ten-session course was not an easy task to complete, but all attendants showed great enthusiasm and devotion.

Of course, the course was just a starting point. Performing first aid effectively requires accurate and proficient command of the procedures, which cannot be possible at emergencies without adequate preparation. As a fresh graduate in first aid provision, I will keep myself informed of the know-how and be prepared in time of need.

I’d like to sincerely thank SRO for providing the precious opportunity for ordinary student residents to get access to this professional training and the lecturer Mr. Lai for his intriguing teaching,
patient assistance and tireless reminding of key points for us clumsy
and careless students. With their concerted efforts, a fresh group
of student first aiders has been born!



The Importance Of Being A First Aider

By YAN Yan (Residence Tutor, Jockey Club House)