"In-Sync" is the short form of ¡§synchronization¡¨, which means ¡§to do something together at the same time¡¨. The goal of the
In-Sync Project is to promote cross-cultural exchange between local and non-local residents. In the Project, ¡§synchronization¡¨ takes place when local and non-local residents form teams and interact in activities. Through ¡§synchronization¡¨, they learn from each other and have a better understanding of different cultures. Ultimately, we aim to promote the whole-person development of residents and to enhance internationalization in the residence community.

The Project has been organised by CSK Hall since the academic year of 2006/2007. This year, the Project has consisted of
3 events:
1. orientation gathering, Pizza Night: the participants had chances to meet each other and form teams.
2. outdoor adventure activity: team challenge tasks were conducted under the instruction of trained coaches. The group tasks were undertaken in a high place, with the goal of promoting team spirit. Rickard, an exchange student from Sweden, said it was scary and challenging, but it also helped him to overcome his fear of heights.
3. presentation session and In-Sync Variety Show: on 22 March 2009, the groups did free-style presentations to share what they had experienced and learnt through the Project.

Groups with outstanding performance received an award. In the presentation, Ashwathi from India and Ayaz from Pakistan shared with us their childhood songs from their home countries. Exchange students from Singapore, Xueli and Zhanpeng, shared with us their hall life in Singapore, e.g., they had a ¡§dorm blog¡¨ to update what was happening in their hall. Nicholas from France gave French lessons to his 14/F group-mates, while they in return taught him some simple Mandarin conversation, e.g., §Ú³ßÅw¦YªÎ¤û ("I like eating beef¡¨).

The winning team consisted of Rickard, a student from Sweden, and his local group mates, Yaya, Naomi and Kai Wing. They shared with us every part of their fulfilling residential life ¡V Rickard¡¦s first time tasting of HK style hotpot (in which Rickard was surprised by the huge amount of beef consumption), how they worked together in the CSK Hall Floor Decoration Competition, their fun time in the ¡§13/F Bowling Competition¡¨, etc.

All participants had fun in the In-Sync Project, but most important of all, they learnt
from each other, learnt to work and live with residents of different cultural
backgrounds and grew together through ¡§synchronization¡¨.


Local & Non-local Residents ¡§In-Sync¡¨ With Each Other




By Joyce Leung (Residence Tutor, Chan Sui Kau Hal)

"What does ¡¥In-Sync¡¦ mean?"
¡V this is a question I have requently been asked since joining the organising committee of the Chan Sui Kau Hall In-Sync Project 2009.