Here are some of the memorable experiences that our residents have had that have brightened up their hall-life. They might be the trivial to others, but it they are definitely something remarkable to be remembered.

"One night, I was not feeling very well and went to bed early. My roommate, on the other hand, usually stays up late at night. Suddenly her cell phone rang and broke the silence. She answered the call and said, °•My roommate is sleeping. Can I call you tomorrow?°¶ I felt very touched by that simple gesture and I can still remember it so well, even though she is no longer my roommate now."

"Once, my friend who lived in another hall called me and asked me to look out of the window towards his room. We lived roughly on the same floor, but in different hall buildings opposite each other. To my surprise, I saw several friends of mine at his window, holding up a board with the words "Happy Birthday" made with fluorescent sticks. Yes, it was my birthday and I was touched that they gave me such a surprise."

"There was a time when I went back from school to the hall late at night. That night, I hadn°¶t eaten anything as I was too busy doing my schoolwork. My roommate, who loves to cook, then walked out of the room and prepared me a dish of fried rice. It is extraordinarily emotional to see your friend help you when you are stressed out."

"It was the first day of the semester break. It was still the break of dawn and I had finished packing my things and was about to leave the Hall, heading to the airport. One of my exchange friends rang me and told me to wait for him on the lawn. He wanted to give me a farewell gift. I was curious about why he had woken up so early in the morning. To my surprise, he said it was because he had not slept at all, for fear that he would not be able to wake up and say goodbye to me in person."

Do these stories arouse some of your sweetest memories of hall life?
The value of friendship is definitely immeasurable. Before it is too late,
treasure everything you have and everyone you have met in the student residence.



Every Little Thing Matters

By Camille LEUNG (JC Humanity Hall)
The semester will soon be over. Then we will be about to say goodbye to our fellow
hall-mates. There are things that you will definitely miss and whenever you think back,
a smile will show on your face. While you are reading this, imagine that today is the last day
you are going to spend in your hall. What moments did you have in your hall life which are the most memorable to you? Or would some thought like "Oh, great, it°¶s time to return home!" come into your mind?