A different residence that you have never seen!
Our Student Residence is not only available for CityU students, but also bookable for the whole world. Every summer, visitors from both home and abroad can enjoy this warm and comfortable living environment.

Many special visitors come for functions such as conferences, summer learning activities and internships. Very often they are new friends to Hong Kong but they have a taste of our residential life. We were also honoured to make contributions to the Beijing 2008 Olympic & Paralympic Equestrian Events through offering accommodation for the organisers.

The summer letting of our Student Residence is a win-win operation. The summer letting not only functions as a way of promoting CityU efficiently, so that visitors can have a comprehensive look at life in CityU and Hong Kong, but also enables our self-financed student residence to generate more income, which is one of the main reasons why our lucky CityU students can spend little but live in a 5-star residence.

Why, you may wonder, do guests from different parts of the world make the same choice ---- the Student Residence of City University of Hong Kong? Our students can give you the most persuasive answer: a safe living environment provided by the security staff; complete facilities, such as pantry facilities, computer rooms and a 24-hour hot water supply, sustained by our efficient Repair & Maintenance team; a clean and natural environment achieved by the cleaners and gardeners. More importantly, our Residence Life Assistants will always be ready to offer the warmest service and ensure that every single part of the way of living is on the right path. CityU staff or student leaders can consider hosting their residential summer conferences and learning activities at our student residence.

In this case, what can you as students do to be the best possible hosts? You can give visitors a hand if they have any inquiry, which can help them integrate into local society and also provide a platform
where you can make friends from all over the world.

Always remember, we live in the worldˇ¦s local residence.
Our Student Residence is available for summer letting.



The World's Local Residence

By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)