Every time they check in at the Student Residence at the beginning of a new
housing year, student residents see people in blue shirts busy registering and
giving directions. Professional and efficient, but to our surprise, but they are just students,
the same as we are, and all of them share one name--Residence Life Assistants (RLAs).

Many RLAs offer considerate services to our residents and make our residence community great. To them, working for SRO is far more than a way of receiving income. Dorothy XU, a year two mainland student, was one of the student hosts and project coordinators for the Wellness March activities held in the student residence this year. Having developed good relationships with exchange students, she contributes a lot to the multicultural environment in the residence. ˇ§I think the most efficient way to understand another culture is to look into its residential communityˇ§, said Dorothy. Summing up her experience as a student host, ˇ¨I can practise my communication skills and know more about local society as well while becoming more outgoing.ˇ¨

Ernest WONG, the former External Vice-President of the Applied Physics Society, has worked for SRO for two years. In the first year, he didnˇ¦t live in the residence. But why is RLA work worthy of such a sacrifice that he had to travel a long way from home to the residence? ˇ§First, it enhances my leadership skills. More importantly, I have made lots of friends from the meaningful work. Though tired, I think it is worth it.ˇ¨ said the enthusiastic Ernest.

Sounds good? The harvest of the two experienced RLAs must have inspired you, but you must pay ten times more before you gain. ˇ§Donˇ¦t take it for granted that being a RLA is only a shortcut to earning money,ˇ¨ we are reminded by Ernest, ˇ§it needs the most serious work attitude and responsibility. Moreover, it is a process of learning, for example, students majoring in Computer Science can apply their professional skills when working as a Technical Assistant for supporting network maintenance.ˇ¨

The Student Residence, for many of us, is not only a comfortable living place,
but also a place where we can get adequate preparation before stepping
into society. No matter whether you are a RLA or not, cherish every
moment in the residence, where you can learn all the time.

Heroes Behind the Scenes--RLAs






By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)