Encounters With Wise & Successful Community Leaders





By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

The idea ¡§from student to professional¡¨ is central to the operation of our universities. Adhering to this, the student residence halls and SRO organise various activities to enrich the extra-curriculum life of the residents and provide them with a microscope to observe outside society in advance.

The most conventional hall activity is high table dinners. To many of us, it is an occasion when you can wear beautiful evening dress and have a taste of formal western etiquette. But more importantly, it helps to broaden our horizons through meeting successful people who have made significant contributions to society, for example, philanthropists who help build a caring community. This is my perspective after attending the High Table Dinner held by Chan Sui Kau Hall for two years. Dr. CHAN Sui Kau, awarded the Gold Bauhinia Star, with the nickname ¡§Daddy Kau¡¨, is a very kind, generous and respected man who is always concerned for the younger generation. This year in April he gave us an inspiring and impressive speech on careful work attitudes, that is, paying great attention to details. What really inspired me were the few words that ¡§Daddy Kau¡¨ said to me when he presented certificates to the recipients of Chan Wing Fui Scholarships and asked each of us something about our study. ¡¨Translation and linguistics, good major,¡¨ he said to me, more like my grandfather than a sponsor with a superior air, ¡¨you have a broader range of choices after you graduate. Carry on!¡¨

In addition, the Civility Dialogue Series, coordinated by Alumni Civility Hall, is held in our residence. Mr Joseph Wong Wing-ping, former Civil Service Minister, shared his own experience on the topic ¡§From Minister to Political Commentator¡¨ in February. In March the second talk was given by the Legislative Councillor Mr Wong Yuk-man on ¡§Banana Hurling & Social Responsibility¡¨. Obviously, the responsibility of the younger generation, whether for society, families or even ourselves, is stressed by the politicians.

Thanks to the consideration for our youth of all these successful entrepreneurs
and influential politicians, we can equip ourselves with essential skills learned
from their valuable experience. Free lectures and wiseworth from the
community leaders, good deal, isn¡¦t it?