The three months from 29 Aug to 30 Nov 2008 were as long as three years for me- I
lived in City University to take care of my son, who came to Hong Kong in a wheelchair
on the 9th day after his knee surgery.

The unexpectedly bumpy Tat Chee Avenue, narrow sidewalks and hot weather challenged us all the time. In the first week, we took taxis from the residence to the campus every day. Though not told, I knew exactly how much my son was eager to walk, jump or even run with his friends in the campus, like a real university student, instead of sitting in a wheelchair and going to the lectures with his mother. My heart was as hurt as his knee, but I could do nothing but see him walking down the stairs in the LTs with sticks and wait for him until the end of the class.

However, things became better and better after the first tough week. Because of our special situation, the staff of the SRO came to see us to know more about our difficulties and needs. Later, they elaborately arranged for us a room in the Jockey Club House (JCH), Academic Exchange Building on campus. Since my son and I could live in the same room near the campus and the supermarkets, life became a thousand times more convenient. First, the largest problem of going to the campus had been solved. Moreover, it was easier for me to do shopping to cook for him. We didn’t adjust to Hong Kong food at first and my son’s health needed strict guarantee of nutrition, so living in the JCH enabled us to live more comfortably and healthily. I cooked for my son’s friends as well, which gave them a feeling of home. A more important benefit was that the regular rehabilitation training that my son needed could be ensured to be done on time. Although every time I saw him sweaty my heart ached, his fortitude, his improving health and the better living conditions encouraged me to confront the difficulties confidently.

At the end of last November, my son finally recovered fully. He applied to move back to the student residence in Cornwall Street and my task in Hong Kong was also completed. Thanks to the consideration of the SRO, my son and I spent a memorable time and had a convenient life in Hong Kong, which ensured the quality
of the recovery. The three months were short and I was sad to leave,
but I believed that my son would live happily under the care of
so many kind-hearted people.



The Unforgattable Three Months

By WANG Liyun (the mother of a mainland student)
Translated by Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)




The Chinese Version