Words from the Vice-President
(Student Affairs) ¡V Professor Paul Lam



"The greatest friends you have made are probably those whom you met in the student residence,¡¨ said Professor Paul Lam, the Vice-President for Student Affairs, in his austere and simple office.

Dressed in a neat white shirt and black waistcoat, he was sitting at one side of a long table, talking with us like a close friend. His daily work is to coordinate all matters related to student affairs. As Chairman of the Student Residence Committee, he also oversees the development of Student Residence and charts the future directions.

He said that CityU¡¦s emphasis on ¡§from student to professional¡¨ means to turn a student into a professional through interactive learning which goes beyond academic study. Residence life provides students with a crucial environment to learn and develop as professionals in their university life.

"I have never had a chance to live in undergraduate halls,¡¨ he said. But he believes that when CityU students graduate, they will cherish their memories of hall life, and treasure their life-long friendships with hall-mates from different backgrounds who have given them trustworthy and pure friendship.

"Living in halls also makes you miss home more,¡¨ he said thoughtfully. ¡§When I studied overseas, all sorts of feelings like homesickness, depression and loneliness came through my mind, especially when I was ill.¡¨

Prof. Lam encouraged student residents to take every opportunity to enjoy hall life, especially in view of the very tight number of bedplaces available. He said that the student residence
is not only a place to learn independence but also an environment to
develop interpersonal and leadership skills.


By Camille LEUNG (JC Humanity Hall) & Firenze LU (Chan Sui Kau Hal)