By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Hall Application Clinic



Patient 1
Symptom: I am a local student who once lived in the residence. I have finished the online application, but I am not sure whether I have completed all procedures as required.

Diagnosis: You need the checking list below to see whether you have handed in all the required materials.

Checking List:
Q1. Are you a returning student with ¡§hall experience¡¨?
A returning student is someone who has a previous recorded living period of no less than 121 days.
YES -> Q2
Q2. Have you finished the online application in AIMS?
YES -> Q3 NO -> Please finish it before the deadline (08/04/2009)

Q3. Have you handed in the hall-specific application form (which can be downloaded from AIMS) to your Hall Master for recommendation?
YES -> Congratulations! You have finished all the application procedures.
NO -> Please hand in the application form before the deadline (08/04/2009)


Patient 2
Symptom: I was once informed of my successful application, but I still fail to have a room.

Diagnosis: Probably you forgot to pay the confirmation fee.

Checking List:
If you apply for:
a Regular Terms, please remember to pay a confirmation fee of 500 HKD during 27/4-03/05/2009.
a Summer Residence, please remember to pay the whole fee during 16- 22/04/2009.

Special Care:
No matter how many tips we offer, the first and foremost thing should always be READING THE APPLICATION CAREFULLY, in particular the IMPORTANT NOTES.

Finally, here are some key dates that you need to record in your schedule.

Every year, we regret to hear that some students fail in their hall application due to handing in incomplete materials. We hope this clinic will help by dealing with some most frequent problems.
---- Notes from the Clinic¡¦s Coordinator

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