Watch Out for the Speedy Traffic


By Firenze LU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

"Watch out for cars! They donˇ¦t have eyes!ˇ¨ says a banner displayed on Tat Hong Road. This is no joke. Many student residents have probably noticed how busy the traffic can be at the junction of Cornwall St and Tat Chee Ave and how "intractableˇ¨ the cars are at times. Actually the Police have recorded several accidents and complaints regarding drivers' misbehavior in passing through the red lights.

Here are a few ˇ§vulnerable placesˇ¨ where you need to pay extra attention when crossing the road:
The crosswalk between the middle of Tat Chee Ave and the east side of Tat Chee Ave. The traffic lights change slowly and cars come from two directions. Many people are too impatient to wait for the lights.

The crosswalk between Tat Chee Ave and Cornwall St. There are multiple traffic lights when you cross the road northeastwards and the lights are too short for slow walkers. Moreover, cars sometimes come rushing unexpectedly down the slope of Cornwall St and you cannot figure the situation out until they have already reached you.

Hereˇ¦s what you can do:

Meanwhile, the University and the Student Residence Office have been
seeking help from the Traffic Unit of the Police to reassess the
traffic facilities, enhance traffic monitoring and reinforce
traffic regulations in the areas mentioned.