LSK Hall Family Photo






High Table Dinner has been an annual tradition for Lee Shau Kee Hall since 2004, the year before the first Residentsˇ¦ Association (RA) was established. The event provides a valuable chance for all hallmates to get together, get to know the newly-elected student leaders of the Hallˇ¦s RA, appreciate a taste of formal dinner and enjoy social etiquette.

To make this yearˇ¦s High Table Dinner special and memorable, we were honoured to invite Dr. Wat Wai Ho, a licensed marriage and family therapist, to give a talk on the topic ˇ§Love and Romanceˇ¨. What would you take from a fruit basket? A. Apple. B. Orange. C. Pineapple. D. Banana. If you chose A, you are a romantic person. If you chose B, you are not afraid of trouble when it comes to relationships. If you chose C, you like tough challenges. If you chose D, you are realistic and down-to-earth. By understanding yourself, you can make better decisions.

Another highlight of the night was a performance of magic. BJ Yip Chi Fai, one of our RA members, elaborately designed and performed an amazing magic show which won bursts of applause. "I am happy that you guys liked my show, the applause is worth every effort that I made," BJ said.

Starting from last year, our Hall has started a new convention at the end of the High Table Dinner - a photo-taking session by a professional studio photographer. All the distinguished guests and all our hallmates assembled to record their smiling faces in this LSK Hall Family Picture. The group photo represents not only our shared memory of that night but also an invaluable treasure for all our LSK Hall family members. When each LSK Hall family member receives and looks at an A4 photograph, what will he or she think of? Out of a vast sea of people, we, from all corners of the world, encounter each other here under the same roof of LSK Hall. Is this an incredible piece of good fortune that deserves to be cherished? Yes, it is true that the faces in the photo may change from year to year, but we believe the warmth and love of our family will still live in LSK Hall, for ever and ever.

High Table Dinner, the joy of taking the LSK Hall Family Picture
and our memorable days spent with other family members
are pleasures that I shall always remember.

By Juliana SO (Lee Shau Kee Hall)