Heroes Behind the Scenes- the R & M Team




Is it magical that your lamp broke in the morning
but is on again when you come back in the evening?
All you need to do is complete a maintenance requirement sheet.
Every day, there is a team of only four workers whose work begins with a stack of maintenance
requirement papers collected from all nine halls. This is the Repair and Maintenance Team in the Student Residence

The R & M team is a team of comprehensive consideration, which is not limited to broken equipment. The privacy of students is also a primary concern and highly respected. For instance, their repair work usually begins after 10:00AM, when most students have got up. Moreover, when repairs inside a bed-study room are necessary, they are accompanied by a female cleaner or security staff to ensure the safety and privacy of students.

It is a team of continuous progress and improvement. To provide our 3,000 residents with a safer living environment, they employ an advanced CCTV system to better monitor the whole residence.

However, it is also a team with repetitive work. ¡§Actually we are always dealing with certain recurrent and constant problems: breaking of all-night-on lamps and drains blocked by hairs.¡¨ said Daniel Hung, the leader of our R & M Team. Hearing this, as the fortunate students under the comprehensive care of the R & M team, do you think we can do something helpful? Simple actions, such as turning off the lights before you sleep and cleaning the hairs after a bath, are just the work of a minute or even a second for us, but can make a big difference in reducing the heavy workload of our R & M Team.

Consideration and responsibility are two words that have been emphasised by our parents and teachers year after year, even when we didn¡¦t know how to write them. Luckily, in the student residence, we can see them, experience them, comprehend them and, finally, practise them. With so many heroes behind the scenes, we can definitely be one of them as well.
By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)