The President of our Studentsˇ¦ Union is responsible for the overarching affairs of the SU. This is not a small task for an undergraduate student who at the same time has to concentrate on his/her academic work. It has long been presumed by students that a big leader like Andy Chu, the ex-president of the 23rd CityU Studentsˇ¦ Union, would not have time to enjoy his hall life in Lee Shau Kee Hall and not even have spare time to participate in hall activities.

"This is not the case,ˇ¨ Andy explained, ˇ§I show up at floor gatherings and hall events, such as Poon Choi Banquet and High Table Dinner, whenever I am available. Undeniably there is school business to get done as a SU President, but it is similar to students who are busy with personal business and part-time jobs. We may not spend a lot of time staying in our bed-study rooms but we participate in activities.ˇ¨

He added that there is not much difference between his hall life before and after his resignation from the post of Studentsˇ¦ Union President. Now he has been elected as the Floor Representative. To our surprise, a student who led over 12,000 students actually loves cooking and baking cakes. ˇ§It was my hall tutor who recommended me to be the Floor Representative. As my experience helped me a lot to both fit in and stand out among my floor-mates, he suggested I could bring more cohesion to the floor,ˇ¨ said Andy, who now takes the initiative to organise floor gatherings.

He continued, ˇ§I love making cakes and treat my friends when I am free in the Hall. Once my floor-mates and I even prepared a birthday surprise for a floor-mateˇ¦s birthday.ˇ¨ Being paired up at random with another student as his roommate, he gladly expressed that they get along well with each other. They sometimes even text messages to tell each other if either one is late for ˇ§homeˇ¨.

Leadership Series ˇV Ex-President of CityU Studentsˇ¦ Union






By Camille LEUNG (JC Humanity Hall)

Andy expressed his expectation in the later part of the interview that he hoped
to bring more happiness and foster unity for his floor and hence spread
liveliness to everyone.