Inspired by an online video taken in a Poland residence, which filmed how residents played a huge snake game with room lights, Residence Tutors (RTs) of JCHH started to attempt to do the same in their own residence.

"The idea was first brought up last year when we unintentionally came across that video. Initially we suggested we could make a light countdown at the end of 2008, using lights making the numbers “9” to “1”, with each Hall responsible for a lighting number. That would be marvelous if it succeeded,” explained Nokia Cheung, one of the JCHH RTs, “however we were just having a casual chat at that time. None of us took it seriously and of course the idea did not come true.”

"What really gave us a chance to act was the time we thought about what to pick for the Inter-hall Photo Competition. We drafted the expected outcome for the photo and sent to inform every resident one week before the ‘very first heroic attempt’. We even knocked doors and distributed memos to remind residents facing the residence side to turn on/off the lights at 9:00pm.” Nokia recalled a scene and continued, “an exchange student was excited and told us he had already written a reminder on the whiteboard. We were all impressed.”

"On the night of the photo shooting, over 90 rooms, including the home of the Hall Master, with more than 170 residents were involved in this attempt. However, some of the empty rooms which could not switch their lights on and off did not make it run as smoothly as it had seemed. Three JCHH photographers, all majoring in Creative Media, completed the shooting on the lawn and the rooftops of Jockey Club Academy Hall (Hall 4) and Chan Sui Kau Hall (Hall 5)."

It is not easy to make “No.1”.  The picture speaks louder than the words.
A good photo tells you much more than what you actually see in it.
All the preparation, human effort and team collaboration
was indescribable in words.



We Made Ourselves “NO. 1”!

By Camille LEUNG (JC Humanity Hall)

“To a photographer, the play of lights shows his professional skills;
to us, the play of lights shows our creativity and unity in Jockey Club Humanity Hall!”