After two preliminary rounds on 13 and 14 March 2009, the remaining competitors from Chan Sui Kau Hall (Hall 5) and Jockey Club Humanity Hall (Hall 1) had a tough match fighting for a final victory on 20 March. At the last mixed doubles match, shuttlers of Hall 5 played a skillful service and finally won the championship. Jockey Club Academy Hall (Hall 4) and Hall 9 got the 3rd and 4th place respectively.

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Badminton is one of the strongest sports at CityU and it was always a joy to watch the swift and strong attacks of the experienced players. The opponents, who were non-university team players, might have had psychological pressure at first but their tough spirit was not easily defeated.

Wth passionate support, student residents put their greatest effort into cheering their hall-mates in the matches. The high decibel level in the Sports Complex did not change until the games were over. Credits went to the teams of Hall 5, whose supporters and players, all clad in dark blue sport shirts, showed their unity and team spirit.

During the final match, student residents played in a Men・s Singles-Women・s Singles-Men・s Doubles-Women・s Doubles-Mixed Doubles order. The teams of Hall 1 and Hall 5 unleashed their skills and techniques. Despite the fact that Hall 5 was 2 points ahead in the first two matches, in the Men・s Doubles and Women・s Doubles the teams of Hall 1 wasted no time in disposing of their opponents and they were tied at 2-2.

The crucial match was the last one V the Mixed Doubles. Before the game started, the teams of Hall 1 and Hall 5 warmed up a little and it was noticeable that the female players from both teams were less prominent than the males. Spotting the weakness in both teams, they hit their shots to the weaker player of their opponents. Unfortunately the players of Hall 1 were not able to hold off their opponents・ accurate smashes and eventually came second in the Competition.

However, all players had no regrets about their play
and left the courts with cheers from their hall-mates.



Inter-hall Badminton Competition
V The Champion Has Been Born


By Camille LEUNG (JC Humanity Hall)