On the afternoon of 26 February 2009, the weather was cool. The sun turned the warmth gently to above the clouds. A few gusts of wind flowed across your face every once in a while. This made a perfect atmosphere for the event to come.

Mr. Ip Wing Chi, owner of Lockcha Teahouse, made his second visit to the Student Residence along with his team for the annual Tea Appreciation Workshop organised by the Student Residence Office. The theme for this year was ˇ§The joy of springˇ¨.

"This time, we have a very nice day and very nice weatherˇKwe enjoy the atmosphere of springˇ¨, Mr Ip explained. The lawn in front of Halls 2 and 3 had been decorated with strips of white cloth, which resembled spring, river and path. Dedicated tea sets were carefully placed on them and five ladies were sitting cross-legged, making the tea.

We then made a draw, got a poem card, took off our shoes, walked along the path and looked for our group. My group was called Plum. ˇ§Try to imagine,ˇ¨ said Mr. Ip, ˇ§Try to feel everything: hearing, seeing, drinking, smellingˇKUse your heart. Just relax and enjoy this afternoon.ˇ¨

As we sat there, music came out. The ground was resonant with the sound of the erhu and dizi, and a woman in a traditional costume danced to the melody. The lady sitting in front of me, Simmy Lau, poured some more water into the teapot, as we watched the fresh tea leaves floating up and down, kissing the water, and swirling in the glass.

So there we sat on a warm afternoon in spring, in a circle, listening to Simmyˇ¦s stories about tea, tasting them through, reading the poems, smelling the spring air, and figuring
out with our hearts the spirit of the season. Without a doubt,
the taste stays long and the aroma stays sweet.



The Taste Stays Long



By Firenze LU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)