This is an annual international food competition organised by the Student Residence Office (SRO). The dishes not only ranged from eastern to western, but were also cooked by both Chinese and international students. The Carrot Pancakes were made by the international student team of Lee Shau Kee Hall using a recipe that one member learnt from her mother. This is the healthiest food carnival as well. All food was cooked under the principle of ¡§low-salt, low-sugar, low fat, high-fiber¡¨. Always promoting a healthy life-style to her residents, Mrs. Bonny IP, the Hall Master of CSK Hall, was excited to taste the healthy food: ¡§it¡¦s wonderful. I think the competition is valuable enough to be held more frequently, such as once a month."

To help the students be more aware of the importance of healthy food, this year the SRO organised, before the Competition, a Healthy Food Talk given by a Registered Dietitian (USA) and Community Dietitian, Ms. Heidi Chan. By evaluating the nutrition of daily food, the talk engraved the Food Pyramid on our minds. Seeing the elaborately cooked 100% perfect healthy food, Heidi felt so satisfied. She said: ¡§it¡¦s really hard to decide which team is the winner. They have all got the main ideas of the talk, and I really enjoy their work.¡¨

Finally, Healthy Rangers, the Champion of ¡§The Healthiest Snack¡¨, turned tomatoes into a ¡§healthy box¡¨ by putting tuna, aloe, corn and carrot inside too. With the help of green vegetables, they gave the salad an attractive name: Grass on Fire. After the audience¡¦s votes, ¡§My Favourite Snack¡¨ was taken by Oishii. Their creative and nutritious Rainbow Potato Ball deserves enthusiastic applause. ¡§Instead of frying, we bake the potato, which will be 5 times less oily.¡¨ said Bill Liu, one of Oishii.

Sounds nice? Hungry now? Regret missing the Competition? Don¡¦t worry. The good news is that the prize-winning dishes will appear on the menu of Homey Kitchen at the student residence soon. ¡§We are making all-out efforts to provide the residents with the healthiest food¡¨, said Michael Cheuk, the Director of Homey Kitchen.

"A food paradise¡¨ is how people always describe Hong Kong. Surrounded by attractive snacks and fast food, it is really hard to keep to any principle for nutrition. But thanks to Ms. Heidi Chan and our creative
student residents, we can practise many alternative new ways of cooking
traditional food. Always remember, a healthy life starts with healthy food!



Healthy Food Counts

By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Sushi Roll, Carrot Pancakes and Fruit Pita. Believe it or not,these fantastic
healthy dishes were not cooked in 5-star hotels, but here, by our student residents.
On the night of 12 March 2009, the annual Healthy Snacks Competition was held in the Student Residence, which was filled with laughter and joy as well as various kinds of delicious healthy food.