Marching for Wellness


When I was in secondary school a few years ago, I came across Spring written by the famous Chinese essayist, ZHU Ziqing. Since then, the last three sentences of the article have been engraved in my memory:

Spring is a new-born baby, and everything is new.
Spring is a dressed-up girl, walking to us with smile.
Spring is a strong young man, leading us to march forwards.

Spring to me is therefore a time of beauty and hope that encourages me to keep moving and be optimistic. It is also a time to gain enough physical and psychological wellness to overcome all the challenges we may face in the coming year. Last year, Wellness March, a series of healthy activities organised by both the Student Residence Office and Student Development Services to enrich our university life and promote the wellness message, accompanied me through the first spring that I spent away from home.

I remember that the Morning Tai Chi and Tea Appreciation Workshop, designed by SRO to promote Chinese traditional culture and a healthy way of life, enabled me to relax mind and body when I was tired from study. I was also impressed by the Healthy Snacks Competition that reminded me of the importance of nutritious diets when I had almost surrendered to hi-fat and hi-sugar food. Thanks to Wellness March, I realized that the balance between study and relaxation contributes a lot to a meaningful university life.

This year, Wellness March continues to carry out its mission and spread wellness messages in the spring. In the year of the Silver Jubilee of CityU, a special theme is added this year: From Ordinary to Extra-ordinary, Lets celebrate the Silver Jubilee hXСAdH.

The dawning of spring is for many cultures the beginning of the year. So what is
better way to welcome the coming of spring than with celebration and enjoyment?
Lets enjoy Wellness March, march for wellness and celebrate the Silver Jubilee of CityU!


By Firenze LU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)