The virtues of living in halls are various. To some of us, it provides a quiet and convenient study place, while to others, it just helps them to be beyond their parents・ control. As for me, I want to experience a real residential life, that is, living, studying and enjoying with friends. CityU student residence is my second home.

Thanks to the experience of serving as the Internal Secretary of the Residents・ Association (RA) of Chan Sui Kau Hall, what I have received is far more than I expected. Materially, I became one of the recipients of the Chan Wing Fui Scholarships of CSK Hall. Spiritually, I have not only given myself lots of challenges and had numerous totally new experiences, but also combined what I have learned in residential life and academic study, so that I could progress efficiently in my university performance.

One of the most impressive academic learning activities that I have organised is Super Sharing Intelligence. Responsible for this, I asked the residents to review their lessons by forming small study groups. They could share their notes and discuss some problems together, so it is more efficient than studying individually. During the promotion of the Super S.I., my communication skills have been enhanced significantly. Now we always work together and support each other, so I have more courage to face the difficulties I may come across in my future life and study.

Being the M.C. of my Hall・s high table dinner in April 2008 was another challenge, because nobody could predict what incidents would happen during the dinner. I had to learn how to :play it by ear;, especially in front of some extremely distinguished guests, including one of our University・s great donors---- Dr. Chan Sui Kau. Luckily, besides making the event go smoothly, I also got the chance to say :thank you; to Dr. Chan, also the donor of Chan Wing Fui Scholarship.

Reviewing my residential life, I have tasted the sweet fruits of sharing and contributing, which are the values of real residential life. I remember that in the Orientation Night I organised, I could not have been more delighted to see some new residents asking me study issues and experience of serving as the Internal Secretary of RA.
I hope my experience can benefit me in my future career as well as
encourage more residents to participate in hall activities and grow.

Contributing to Hall Life & Becoming a Hall Scholar


By Pricilla CHAN (Chan Sui Kau Hall)
Translated by Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)


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