“Life takes its course with ups and downs as if you are running a marathon.” As a signature international sporting event in Hong Kong, the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon provides us with a great opportunity to challenge ourselves, our bodies and our spirits.

Enjoyed by many people, running is one of the easiest and widest-used ways to do exercise and keep fit in our daily life. However, marathon running is not an easy task. It requires a tough body and strong mind. Do you have the courage to take up this challenge? Are you ready to run?

In order to help our residents to increase their consciousness and frequency of exercising, as well as to discover the happiness of the running process and celebrate the Silver Jubilee of CityU, we promoted the Standard Chartered Marathon 2009 in our hall (JC Academy Hall) and encouraged our residents to participate. In the end, 15 residents and alumni registered and formed the Hall 4 team to complete the challenge, with each other’s encouragement and support, by participating in 10km and half marathon groups.

On the race day and on the finishing line, we interviewed our runners. “It is a great experience,” said Kangkang, “the feeling of reaching the finishing line is excellent! ” “It is the second time I have joined the 10km running”, said Pong, “I have run faster this time and I will participate in the half marathon next year to face a tougher challenge!” “I enjoy running with so many people together, and the spectators are so brilliant!” “Quite hard work, but I did it.” said our hall master Peggy. It was the second time she had joined the competition. “Why do we encourage and organise our residents to join the marathon competition? Because it is a great chance for our residents to compete with others, to challenge themselves, and to enjoy the feeling of supporting and being supported. So many volunteers from CityU cheered and encouraged us on the way, so moving. In a word, we are together!

"We are together!” all runners said in one voice. “Their cheering gives us strong power.”
At this time, our President KUO Way finished the competition, and came to
our CityU runners, and the pleasant atmosphere reached its climax.





Run To the Summit of Life

By XU Yufeng Steven (Residence Tutor, JC Academy Hall)

We run, today, for our wellness in life.
We run, to build a tougher body and a stronger mind.
We run, together, to the summit of life!