sTai Chi Chuan, which originated in China, is a traditional martial art that can be practised for self-defense as well as strengthening the body. With a long history and numerous styles, it has spread widely and is loved by many people.

Aiming at providing a platform for students to strengthen their bodies, enrich their extra-curricular life and make friends, a Tai Chi club was founded by Hall 8 in December 2007 under the direction of Dr. Lin Feng, the Residence Master of Hall 8. The club invites Wei Xiaoyong, a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science, as the instructor to teach Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan. Besides teaching and practice, the club also organises other activities such as sharing sessions about the theories.

Before the club was founded, Wei established a Tai Chi interest group in the CityU Chinese Students and Scholars Association. At its peak, it attracted more than 40 members, most of whom were mainland students, and there were also some local and international students. The performances given by Wei and his students, such as Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Sword, have been highly praised.

When first established, the Hall 8 Tai Chi Club, with a dozen members, was for Hall 8 residents only. Whenever residents join the club, Wei always teaches them patiently, starting from scratch. To appreciate his efforts, Hall 8 paid Wei a nominal fee starting from last semester, but Wei donated generously the full amount to the affected people in the Sichuan earthquake-stricken area. In order to promote Chinese traditional culture and good spirit that Tai Chi can bring,
the Hall 8 Tai Chi Club is now open for enrollment to all residents.

Activity Time: 9:00am, every Saturday
Place: Shek Kip Mei Park or Multi-function Hall B




Hall 8 Tai Chi Club
By Yang Hal (Hall 8)