The summer has passed and we are now once more in autumn, a great season for traveling around: outings, sports, picnics, hiking; even a slow walk down a street is exhilarating, with such fresh air to breathe in, such a blue sky to see, such cool breezes to refresh you and such a gentle sun to warm you. With the examination approaching, it is a good idea to have some relaxation. Embrace nature and the city views, and then you will truly find yourself much more energetic.

If you plan to travel somewhere, before leaving Hong Kong please do not forget to check out the travel tips on what to do before leaving Hong Kong, during the trip and on your return. Avoid going to regions affected by Influenza Pandemic or other infectious diseases. For this information, please go to the website And remember to wear a mask if you are not sure if that place is affected. Always remember self-protection.

If you are going hiking or having picnics outdoors, remember to take some medicine with you. If you are not feeling well, having some medicine at hand is vital. And it is much better to travel in groups than go alone. It is safer and much more fun.

Well, if you prefer not going out and just having some rest in your bedroom, do not forget the health issue either. Keep good ventilation, open your windows regularly and let some fresh air in. If necessary, tidy your room up now. You will find it really works magic and that you are in a much better mood to study in a clean and tidy room. If the environment is refreshing, you will be able to concentrate on your study. Don¡¦t be too lazy, as laziness always leads to mess.


Health & Safety Advice