Nowadays the universal economy is on the edge of depression and at the same time year three students need to find their first job in the competitive job market. We want to wish you ¡§good luck¡¨. But when facing the current economic situation, there are still lots of things you can do to prepare yourself for the coming challenges. There are three big stages you need to go through if you wish to find a really suitable job 1) know your job interest; 2) choose some companies whose culture is suitable for you; 3) make early preparation for interviews.

For the last two stages, you will have plenty of advice from our Career Centre. Here we would like to provide you with some good resources to explore your career interest.

To know your interest is the basis for making a successful career. But it is also what many students ignore. Investment banks may offer you a good salary, but is that the ideal job for YOU? In the first stage it is important for you to choose what is really interesting to you. A good way to do so is to try some online tests. You may try a classic career interest test software called O*NET, developed by the US government. It divides people¡¦s career interests into ¡§investigative¡¨, ¡§social¡¨, ¡§enterprising¡¨, ¡§artistic¡¨ and so on. And it suggests some positions according to the user¡¦s different educational background. It took ten years for Americans to develop this software and it has proved to be highly accurate. If you are still confused about what you really like, do have a try with O*NET.

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