The Might Of Fate

By Jason Jiang (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)
Translated: Falcon Tao (Jockey Club
Academy Hall)

Time flies! And so also have elapsed half of my university years¡Xthis is the third year since I came to Hong Kong, together with 200 other mainland students. I call Hong Kong my second home. Like many others, I will embark on exchange study in January 2009, and in this last article I write for ResLink, I wish to share my thoughts with you dear readers.

The university years in the Ivory Tower will lay the foundation of our life. And we should cherish them while we are still in the purest place of human civilization. There are three resources which I think most valuable at university:

•  the first is the opportunity to explore the myths of philosophies and religions, as they are important for bracing yourself to be future leaders;
•  the second is the resources of studying your own major, which is self-evidently of great importance for a firm grasp of knowledge¡Xevery core course and every note count;
•  the third, which I value the most, is the care and love of a lover, a friend or a classmate. People came to meet each other, in such a small span of mortality in so big a world contained in so vast a universe¡X isn't it staged, or otherwise, how can this happen at so small odds? It is the might of fate, yes, the power of fate, which makes friends friends and lovers lovers. Lovers, cherish your love and your lover, for though you might not be promised the future, you have been granted the present; friends, encourage each other and meanwhile grow to maturity, for though you might be running on your own road, you have many companions at this stop in your journey. Solitude departs when you take others into your heart.

We are walking on the same road. Walking on the hill sideways, you see someone ahead of you, and some others behind, and you understand truly the old saying that we are all part of this world, a world of beauty and nobleness. Listen to it, but with your heart. You will feel like melting into it, in a manner so spontaneous and harmonious.
Nothing is more beautiful than the realisation of this truth.

As we are moving individually, we meet here by coincidence. And it is
fortunate to have you to accompany the most shining years of my life.