Study Tips For the Revision Period

As the semester rushes towards its end, the BIG DAYs of final examinations are approaching day by day. How are you feeling about it? Excited? Nervous? Or have you unfortunately lost yourself in a sea of notes and books to review? Don・t worry too much. Have confidence in yourself, just by taking the following suggestions:

  1. Make a feasible plan for your revision. Feasibility is crucial, friends, because an unfeasible plan will only serve to downgrade your efficiency and increase your nervousness. The key to efficiency is not how much you read every day but how much you can DIGEST.
  2. Start from the simple and easy parts and then move to the more difficult ones. This is how to achieve efficiency, friends. And especially for those difficult parts, you can choose to discuss them with other classmates, as long as you don・t end up chatting with each other.
  3. If you are feeling exhausted in one subject, move to another one. Never discourage yourself by sticking to a stumbling block. Simply remember that you have other things to do as well.
  4. Always have a pen in your hand. Revision cannot be done by simply :re-reading;, you should also write something, at least jot down what you think is important or difficult. If necessary, you can even produce a chart or diagram that facilitates your understanding of the subject.

These are tips for an efficient revision strategy. However, what is also important is your mood and energy throughout this revision period, because nothing can be done without a positive mood and an energetic body. Don・t be mean about relaxing or re-energizing your body. Treat yourself with a big meal after a day・s hard work. And sports are also important to refresh yourself. Call some friends, have a nice game, take a shower,
and then you will find it comfortable to sit down quietly,
ready to be devoted to revision again.