It was an enjoyable night at Hall A on 2 and 4 November¡Xthe annual table-tennis competition was successfully staged, attracting many players and Spectators. The Inter-hall Table-tennis Competition is an important component of the Professor Edmond Ko Cup, and the sport itself is among the most welcome games both on the Mainland and in Hong Kong.

The Competition commenced at 6:30pm, but many players arrived earlier for the warm-up. The brisk clattering on the tables very soon found its counterpart in the audience, who gave their generous applause for the amazing matches. Though it was obvious that contestants were at different levels and some of them could do little more than receive the ball, there was definitely no doubt that they were all enjoying the games, which was also true for the spectators.

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One pair in the girls¡¦ doubles was a pair of international students, as if to disprove the stereotype that this sport is a preserve of the Chinese. A later attraction was staged when some members of the City U ping-pong team came to warm up, receiving waves of applause, even though it was merely a warm-up.

The matches were great, which also indicated, however, fierce competition. Shouting loudly, cheering teams tried their best to re-energize their Hall representatives; players¡¦ faces revealed traces of nerves; referees were extremely attentive to occasions of edge ball while many audiences kept on commenting on what had surprised them a minute ago. But there were many bursts of laughter as well, because the games were simply fun.

"Though I lost the game, as I expected¡¨, said a girl who did not seemed disturbed by the result, ¡§I did enjoy the game and seeing so many friends supporting me.¡¨ ¡§The atmosphere is very impressive¡¨, she finally remarked, and continued supporting her hall mates. So it was.

And congratulations to the winning Halls on capturing their overall ranking in the Competition:
Champion: Chan Sui Kau Hall (Hall 5)
1st Runner-up: Hall 8 & Jockey Club House
2nd Runner-up: Hall 9



Great Fun in the Inter-hall Table Tennis Competition!