Environmental conservation and sustainable development are the two main problems facing us. The Student Residence aims to promote an environmentally-friendly living style and a sustainable world through several sustainability programmes. Join us and you too can make an effort to make the world better!

1) Waste Separation Facilities
There have been waste separation facilities outside each Hall ever since 2005. From this September on you can find waste separation facilities on each floor. And it is not so difficult to do a little favour for our environment by separating domestic waste from plastic, paper and aluminum.

2) Clothes Donation
If you have second-hand clothes in good condition and you will not wear them any more, maybe you can donate them to the Salvation Army by dropping them into the huge donation box located at the covered area between Hall 4 & Hall 5.

3) ˇ§Bring Your Ownˇ¨ Programme
Maybe some of you still remember the ˇ§Bring Your Ownˇ¨ programme of Homey Kitchen in Nov 2007, which still operates. Disposable containers have become a big problem to our surroundings. You are advised to bring your own reusable containers, such as a cup or a lunch box, when you buy food or drinks at Homey Kitchen. You will pay 50 cents less for each container you bring, up to one dollar per order.

The above programmes are just part of our sustainability programs. The key point is to remember the 3Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reflect on your daily habits and be environmentally-friendly. Extend energy saving usage patterns in your daily living:
1. Turn off the lights in your bed-study rooms, toilets and Common Rooms when they are not needed.
2. Turn off your computer, printer, speakers etc when they are not in use and
    even when you leave the room for an hour or so.
3. Computer usage is a growing source of energy consumption.
4. Keep curtains open. Sunlight is our most efficient source of energy.



Practise the 3Rs for Sustainability