In the afternoon of Sep 27th (Saturday), if you walked by the swimming pool of our university, you must cannot help yourself stopping and steeping towards the pool because atmosphere around was so passionate and people were so exciting. Right! A wonderful inter-hall aquatic competition of the Professor Edmond Ko Cup was under way.

During the competition, regardless of the hot weather, the cheering teams from each hall made every endeavor to shout support for their own team. Even if you were not a member of those teams, there was no doubt that you would be infected by their ardor and cheered together with them. Right in the swimming pool, every competitor tried their best wishing to win honor for their own halls. All the athletes were so professional that hardly could one tell who was the fastest, which making contest closely matched and the outcome was uncertain until the end.

This contest was the first competition of the Professor Edmond Ko Cup in the academic year 08/09. The various identities of participants, including the overseas exchange students promoted the friendship and communication between local and non-local students.After about six hoursíŽ competition, there came out the result. It should be noticed that Jockey Club Humanity Hall is the double champion.



1st Runner-up

2nd Runner-up

3rd Runner-up

Freestyle Relay

Jockey Club Humanity Hall

Jockey Club Academy Hall

HSBC Prosperity Hall

Alumni Civility Hall

Freestyle Relay

Jockey Club Humanity Hall

Lee Shau Kee Hall

HSBC Prosperity Hall

Jockey Club Harmony Hall

Congratulations to the winners! LetíŽs applaud for all the athletes
and the cheering teams for their actively participations.


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Aquatic Winners