Residential Halls

Hall 10

Residence Master: Dr. Justin ROBERTSON
Associate Professor
Department of Asian and International Studies

Hall 10 is a vibrant community of 400 students.

We come together:

  • to share our cultures
  • to gain a deeper appreciation of Hong Kong
  • to build team spirit in the Edmond Ko Cup
  • to perform community service
  • to showcase various forms of art
  • to promote sustainability

  • Living in Hall 10 will allow you to develop your interests, find new interests and learn from fellow residents. We organize a full range of activities for our residents and, even more importantly, we set aside a significant budget to fund student-initiated clubs and projects.

    Hall 10 also offers an environment where you can devote the time and energy needed for your studies, with a balance of community and independence.

    Our residential team combines individuals from Hong Kong, mainland China, Canada and Latin America. The Residence Master, Dr. Justin Robertson, is approachable and values student ideas and input. He works closely with the Residence Tutors and the Residents’ Association.