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Fees & Payments

Fees & Charges of Undergraduate Hall

The hall lodging fee for 2021/22 is listed below.

Full residential year hall places are to be offered to successful applicants.

Residential Year Tentative Residential Period
2021/22 23 August 2021 - 23 May 2022 (noon)

Hall lodging fee of residential year 2021/2022 is payable in two instalments to cover the whole residential period. 1st instalment and 2nd instalment will be charged in student account (tentative) in September and December 2021 respectively.

Hall lodging fee and associated charges will be collected and processed in a similar fashion as other student fees and charges, by incorporating into the regular fee statements issued by the Finance Office

*Student Type *Cohort Rate for Double Room
(per person)
Rate for Single Room
(per person)
Local Students All  $13,600 / year  $27,200 / year
Non-local Students 2018 and beforehand  $13,600 / year  $27,200 / year
  2019 and thereafter  $16,300 / year  $32,600 / year
Hall lodging fee is subject to annual review and revision.

*You can check your student type and cohort in AIMS.

Residents who wish to withdraw from Student Residence in Semester B should submit application for withdrawal by a said deadline (7 November 2021); otherwise, late application will lead to a payment of full hall lodging fee of 2nd instalment. Please visit Withdrawal for Student Residence for more details.

Policies on Fees

Payment Procedures

Upon the announcement of allocation results, students have to pay a Confirmation Fee at a time to be specified in the offer letter to indicate the acceptance of the offer. Failure to pay the Confirmation Fee within the specified time period will imply forfeiture of the offer.

Confirmation fee

The Confirmation Fee is set at the level approximate to 25% of a double room rental per semester (i.e. HK$1,700). The exact fee level will be determined by the Student Residence Office.

An additional, non-refundable HK$300 is charged as administrative fee for those appeals subsequently approved by Student Residence Office

Damage to Hostel and Properties

Compensation to the University for damage caused to the student residence and properties will be based on assessment by the Director of Student Residence Office in consultation with the Directors of Facilities Management and Finance Office, having regards to the cost of properties repaired and replaced as appropriate.

Penalty Charges for Late Check-Out and Improper Check-out

Penalty charges will be levied to anyone of the following residents
(i) Residents fail to check out their rooms upon the completion of the assigned period.
(ii) Residents who fail to properly clean up their rooms.
(iii) Residents who fail to restore the furniture upon check-out. The exact penalty charges will be determined by the Student Residence Office in consultation with Finance Office.

Penalty Charges

Late Check-out: HK$200/day/person + room charges/day/person
Improper check-out: A minimum of HK$200/room

Loss of / Damage to Resident Card / Key Card

Resident Card HK$100 per card


Late Payment

In line with the principle recently adopted by the Sub-Committee on Tuition Fees, penalties for over-due hostel and associated charges may be levied at about 2% of the amounts outstanding per billing cycle, to be billed together with other outstanding student fees and charges, if any. Students who do not pay the fees and charges in full by payment due date may be barred from accessing University facilities and have their studies terminateed by the University. More details can be found on the Penalties for Non-payment.


  • Confirmation Fee: Non-refundable and non-transferable on all conditions.
  • Early withdrawal from student residence initiated by the University, e.g. due to violation of regulations, or expulsion from University on account of disciplinary and/or academic grounds: Refund on a pro-rata daily rate basis for all the hall fees paid (except the confirmation fee which is non-refundable and non-transferable).
  • Early withdrawal from hostel residence initiated by the student: No refund.