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Application Process for Regular Terms

FAQ for Exchange Students

Exchange and New Non-local Students

Applications for the Student Residence for new students should be made to the Student Residence Office before the application deadlines as specified below. Late applications will NOT be considered unless vacancy is available. Due to limited capacity, there is no guarantee that accommodation in the Student Residence can be provided to all applicants.

Key Dates for Application

  Exchange Students New International Students
(admitted for 4 year degree programme, not inbound exchange students)
New Mainland Students
(admitted for 4 year degree programme)
Application Deadline

15 May (Semester A)
15 Oct (Semester B)
15 Feb (Summer term)

31 May
(Extended up to 15 Jun 2016)
29 July

How to Apply

Students interested in living in the Student Residence should read and agree to comply with Regulations Governing Student Residence before submitting their application.

How to Apply
New International Non-local Students Download Application Form (2016/17)
New Mainland Students (Undergraduates) Download Application Form (2016/17)

* For inbound exchange students, please contact your exchange coordinators directly for the details of hall applications.
* For year-long exchange students, they have to submit application each semester to SRO by the deadline.

Confirmation Fee

Upon the announcement of allocation results, students have to pay a Confirmation Fee to indicate the acceptance of the offer by a specified deadline. Failure to pay the Confirmation Fee within the time period will imply forteiture of the offer. The confirmation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Residence Period

The residence period for exchange students is confirmed to the exchange term as agreed by City University of Hong Kong and the home university. For non-local students, they can reside for an academic year. Successful applicants can check in one week before the commencement of the academic year and their residence period lasts till one week after the examination ends.

Room Allocation Method

Student Residence offers shared double rooms and a limited number of single rooms disabled rooms and three-person rooms. Students will be normally assigned to share double or three-person rooms. The small number of single rooms will be firstly assigned to those who have medical reasons or special needs with supporting documents enclosed in the completed application.

Off-campus Accommodation

Students who are not offered a place of on-campus student residence or prefer living away from campus, they are strongly advised to arrive Hong Kong at least one month before the semester begins in order to seek off-campus accommodation. Details about off-campus accommodation are available at the SRO website.