School of Law

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CIRs and SYLs

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) (intake in 2007 and before)
Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) (intake in 2008)
Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) (intake in 2009)
Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) (intake in 2010)
Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) (intake in 2011)
Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) (intake in 2012)
Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) (intake in 2013 and 2014)
Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) (intake in 2015 and thereafter)
Doctor of Juridical Science (Chinese Judges) (JSDCJ) (intake in 2013 and before)
Doctor of Juridical Science (Chinese Judges) (JSDCJ) (intake in 2016)
Juris Doctor (JD)
Master of Arts / Laws in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
Master of Laws (LLM)
Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL)

GE1126       Law for Smart Consumers
GE1136       Animal Ethics, Welfare and Law – A Regulatory and Policy Review
GE1214       Citizens and Criminal Justice
GE3109       Hong Kong Legal System and One Country, Two Systems
LW2600       Legal Method
LW2601       Hong Kong Legal System
LW2602A     Law of Contract I
LW2602B     Law of Contract II
LW2603A     Law of Tort I
LW2603B     Law of Tort II
LW2903       Business and Law
LW2960       Law for Housing Studies I
LW2961       Law for Housing Studies II
LW3604       Legal System of the PRC
LW3605A     Constitutional and Administrative Law I
LW3605B     Constitutional and Administrative Law II
LW3606A     Criminal Law I
LW3606B     Criminal Law II
LW3902       The Law Relating to Companies
LW3956       Environment and Law
LW4614       Dispute Resolution
LW4616       Law of Evidence
LW4618       Law and Gender
LW4620       International Trade Regulation
LW4622       Law of Human Rights and Civil Liberties
LW4627       Economic Law of China
LW4630       Equity and Trusts
LW4631       Banking Law
LW4632       International Financial Law
LW4634       Public International Law
LW4638       Criminal Justice
LW4639       Securities Regulation
LW4641       Intellectual Property: Theory, Copyright and Design
LW4642       Intellectual Property: Theory, Patents and Trademarks
LW4643       Cyber Law
LW4647       Law of Succession
LW4649       International Mooting & Advocacy
LW4656       Company Law I
LW4657       Company Law II
LW4658       Commercial Law
LW4659       Civil Procedure
LW4660       Criminal Procedure
LW4661       Corporate Social Responsibility
LW4662       Intensive Seminar
LW4663       Selected Problem in International Investment Law
LW4664       European Competition Law and Policy
LW5303       Commercial Contracts
LW5400       Legal Concepts
LW5616       Law of Evidence
LW5656       Company Law I
LW5657       Company Law II
LW5659       Civil Procedure
LW5660       Criminal Procedure
LW5957       Legal Studies for the Built Environment
LW5962       Law Relating to Business and Companies
LW5965       Introduction to Constitutional and Administrative Law in China
LW5966       Law and Society in China
LW6100E     Advanced Legal Research Methodology
LW6101E     Jurisprudence and Political Theories
LW6401       Dispute Resolution in Theory and Practice
LW6402       Procedure and Proof
LW6404       Research Project
LW6405       Arbitration Law
LW6406       Mediation Practice
LW6407       Arbitration Practice and Award Writing
LW6408       International Arbitration
LW6409A     Dissertation
LW6409B     Advanced Award Writing
LW6411       Negotiation and Mediation Advocacy
LW6412       Advanced Family Mediation
LW6413       International and Comparative Mediation
LW6414       Online Dispute Resolution
LW6416       Advanced Family Mediation
LW6419       International Conflict Analysis, Prevention and Resolution
LW6420       International Conflict Analysis, Prevention and Resolution
LW6421       Legal/Dispute Resolution Internship
LW6422       Mediation Theory
LW650E       Intensive Seminar
LW6520C/E    Basic Law of Hong Kong
LW6521C/E    Constitutional and Administrative Law of China
LW6522C/E    Chinese and Comparative Financial Law
LW6523C/E    Chinese Criminal Law and Procedure
LW6524C/E    Chinese Legal History and Legal Thought
LW6526C/E    Dispute Resolution in Theory and Practice
LW6527C/E    Chinese and Comparative Intellectual Property Law
LW6529C/E    Chinese and Comparative Environmental Law
LW6530C/E    Seminar on Advanced Issues in International Law
LW6531C    Legal Systems in South East Asia
LW6532C/E   Theory and Practice of Comparative Law
LW6533E      International and Comparative Copyright Law
LW6534E      Chinese and Comparative Company Law
LW6536C/E   Chinese and Comparative Real Property Law
LW6537C/E   Dissertation
LW6538C/E   Chinese Civil Law and Procedure
LW6539C/E   Advanced Issues on Chinese Civil Law
LW6540E      Chinese and Comparative Commercial Law
LW6541E      Chinese Foreign Trade and Investment Law
LW6542E/LW6543C International Investment Law
LW6543E      Law and Business in Asia
LW6544C/E   International Trade Law
LW6544C/E   International Trade Law (Sem A 2011)
LW6545C      International Cyber Law
LW6545E      Transnational Legal Problems
LW6546C      Transnational Corporate Law
LW6547C      Advanced Business Law of China
LW6548C/LW6551E Independent Research
LW6558C/E   Law and Development
LW6559C/E   Advanced Issues in Public Law
LW6560C/E   Advanced Study of Antidumping and Countervailing Measures
LW6561C/E   Competition Law
LW6564E      Law of Contract
LW6565E      Law of Tort
LW6566E      Constitutional and Administrative Law of Hong Kong
LW6567E      Current Issues in WTO Law
LW6568E      Selected Problems in International Investment Law
LW6569E      Labour Law of East Asia
LW6570C/E   Research Seminars
LW6571C/E   Myth of PRC-ralated Legal Transactions
LW6572E      Law and Society in China
LW6573C/E   Private International Law
LW6575E      Maritime Insurance Law
LW6576E      International Air Law
LW6577E      Law of Equity & Trusts
LW6578E      Oceans, Law and Policy
LW6579E      Maritime Arbitration Law
LW6580E      International Commercial Contracts and Uniform Sales Law
LW6581E      Introduction to Common Law
LW6582E      Carriage of Goods by Sea
LW6583E      Maritime Claims and Practices in Admiralty
LW6584E      Special Topics in International Law: ICL/IHL
LW6913        Corporate, Employment and Business Law
LW6959        Energy and Environmental Law
LW8001        Doctoral Thesis
LW8703D      Doctoral Thesis
LW8704D      Doctoral Thesis
LW8705D      Research Methodology
LW8706D      Hong Kong Legal System
LW8713D      Legal Writing and Skills I
LW8715D      Public Law Seminars
LW8716D      Legal Writing and Skills II
LW8800A&B Research Seminars
PLE5012       Conveyancing Practice
PLE5013       Corporate and Commercial Practice
PLE5015       Professional Conduct and Practice
PLE5016       Wills & Probate Practice
PLE5018       Civil Litigation Practice
PLE5019       Criminal Litigation Practice
PLE5020       Bar Course
PLE5022       Foundations in Mainland Related Legal Transactions
PLE5024       Litigation Practice II
PLE5025       International Arbitration Practice
PLE5026       Financial Regulatory Practice
PLE5027       Family Law Practice
PLE5028       Personal Injuries Practice
PLE5029       Chinese for Legal Practice
PLE5050       Interlocutory Advocacy and Interviewing
PLE5051       Mediation and Negotiation
PLE5052       Trial Advocacy
PLE5053       Litigation Writing and Drafting
PLE5054       Commercial Writing and Drafting