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Research Projects

Principal Investigator Project Title
Dr CHAN, Peter Chi Hin Judicial Reform in Contemporary China: Proceduralist and Empirical Perspectives
Dr CHAN, Peter Chi Hin Protecting Employees from Unfair Dismissal in Chinese Courts: An Empirical Study on Serious Breach Dismissal Cases
Dr CHOW, Stephenson Self-Fulfillment and Human Flourishing: A Re-Examination of Human Rights Theories and Their Application to the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)
Dr DING, Chungyan Consumer Citizen Suits Against Food Safety Violations in China
Dr KIELSGARD, Mark Dell Introduction to the Common Law Intensive
Prof LIN, Feng Basic Law Research from Comparative Perspective
Prof LIN, Feng A Jurisprudential Analysis of the Operation of the Basic Law in the HKSAR through Three Case Studies
Prof LIN, Feng Comparative Study of Judicial and Constitutional Systems under the Principle of "One Country, Two Systems"
Dr LIN, Lauren Yu-Hsin The Politics of Corporate Governance in Chinese Firms
Prof LOKE, Alexander Gaps in Private Law, Judicial Law-making and the Regulatory Innovations
Dr LONE, Fozia Towards the Pragmatic and Peaceful Resolution of the Sino-Indian Boundary Dispute: A Multidisciplinary Study
Dr ONG, Rebecca Gaining Patients' Trust in the Era of Health Record Sharing
Dr ONG, Rebecca Enhancing Corporate and Organizational Information Security Practices with a Framework for Data Breach Notification
Dr ONG, Rebecca An Empirical Investigation into Factors Influencing the Adoption of the Electronic Health Record Sharing System in Hong Kong
Dr PASCOE, Daniel An Evidence-Based Approach to the Criminal Law Syllabus in Hong Kong
Dr QU, Zhen Charles The Decision Making on Corporate Guarantee Cases in Chinese Courts
Dr THOMSON, Stephen Divergence of Administrative Law in Hong Kong from Administrative Law in the Common Law World?
Dr TOMASSETTI, Julia Louise The Endogeneity of Law and Business Practice: Transforming All Workers into 'Entrepreneurs'
Prof WAN, Wai Yee Legal Transplantation of Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code
Dr WANG, Peter Shucheng Restrictive Right to Religious Freedom of Protestant House Churches in China
Prof ZHU, Guobin Research Project on the Implementation of the Hong Kong Basic Law: Chinese and Comparative Constitutional Law Perspectives
Prof ZHU, Guobin The Study of the Implementation of the Hong Kong Basic Law