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Archive - 2009

Bjorn AHL

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Michael BECKETT and Anna KOO

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Surya DEVA

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GU Minkang

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Frank HE Xin

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Anna KOO

“Truth through Court Interpreters”, International Journal of Evidence & Proof, Vol. 13, 2009, pp 212-224

Jojo MO

"Media Shifting in Hong Kong – A Justifiable Exemption”, Ent. L.R. 2009, 20(6), pp 222-225.

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WANG Guiguo

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ZHU Guobin

“Forging ‘Media Empire’ and ‘Think Tank’ with Huge Amount of Money (in China), Is It Possible?”, in Mingpao Daily, 19 Oct 2009

“Government under Guardianship of Kuomintang – Paradigm for and Path towards Democratic Constitutionalism in Modern China”, in Chinese, in Public Law Review, Vol. 6, Peking University Press, August 2009, pp. 134-163.