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Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law School of Law, City University of Hong Kong

The Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law (CCCL) at City University of Hong Kong School of Law is an interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to the study of legal and policy issues in Chinese law from comparative perspectives.

Upcoming Events


05.08.2022Virtual Book Launch: “Court-Supervised Restructuring of Large Distressed Companies in Asia" by Prof Wai Yee Wan [Flyer]
29.03.2022CCCL Seminar: Introduction to Empirical Legal Research [Flyer]
29.03.2022Academic Roundtable: Insolvency Law and Policy in Times of COVID-19 and Beyond [Flyer]
22.03.2022CCCL Seminar: Professional English Writing Skills for Non-Native Speakers [Flyer]
25.01.2022CJER &CCCL Seminar: Internet Courts in Mainland China [Flyer]
17.12.2021CCCL Seminar: Revising Chinese Company Law (again): Academic Debates and Legislative Considerations [Flyer]
03.12.2021CCCL Public Lecture: Multilateral Trading System and the Future of International Economic Law: Implications for Rule of Law in China [Flyer]
26.11.2021Regulating Cyberspace and Informatization in China: An Academic Critique of Recent Legislations [Flyer]
18.11.2021CCCL Seminar: China’s Engagement with international judicial dispute settlement: will non-appearance be the new normal? [Flyer]
10.11.2021CCCL Seminar: Meeting Chinese Judges: Courts, Adjudicators, and Judicial Life [Flyer]
09.11.2021CCCL Seminar: Overseas Listing of Chinese Companies: “Homecoming” Opportunities for Hong Kong by Lan Jie [Flyer]
26.10.2021CCCL Chinese Law for student series: A Virtual Tour of Huawei: Technologies, Ownership, and Corporate Governance [Flyer]
07.05.2021Online Symposium on “Sources of Law, Authoritarian Legality, and Chinese Jurisprudence” [Flyer] [Programme]
04.03.2021International Online Symposium on Sino-Indian Border Disputes: A Dialogue between International Law and International Relations [Backgrounder] [Programme]
30.11.2020International Symposium on “The Rule of Law in Chinese Foreign Affairs” [Programme]
11.09.2020「港區國家安全法理論與實踐」學術研討會 (International Symposium on “The National Security Law of Hong Kong: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives)
[Flyer in English] [Flyer in Chinese]
28.08.2020 RCCL Online Symposium on “The Application of the CISG to HKSAR”
[Flyer] [Programme]
28.07.2020How Has COVID-19 (Re)Shaped Government-Business Relations in Asia? (organized by RCCL in partnership with the Centre for Asian Legal Studies of the Faculty of Law of National University of Singapore)
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Past Events

12.06.2020International Symposium on COVID-19 and Models of Governance in East Asia and the World (新冠肺炎疫情與東亞治理模式國際研討會)
[Flyer in English] [Flyer in Chinese] [Programme] [Video]
07.06.2020中國民法典網上研討會(Online Symposium on Chinese Civil Code)
[Flyer in English] [Flyer in Chinese] [Programme] [Video]
05.06.2020「香港特區維護國家安全法」網上研討會 (Online Symposium on “National Security Legislation of the HKSAR”)
[Flyer in English] [Flyer in Chinese]
22.05.2020"新冠肺炎疫情、國際法與疫後國際秩序" 網上座談會 (Online Workshop on “Covid-19, International Law and the Post-Pandemic International Order")
[Flyer in Chinese] [Flyer in English] [Programme]
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