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CityU awards scholarships to outstanding PCLL applicants

The City University of Hong Kong invites interested individuals to apply for a spot in the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) programme by sending in their applications to earn the opportunity to be granted a scholarship.

Rewarding remarkable individuals

Earning a PCLL degree in Hong Kong at one of Asia’s top law schools is a privilege that not many will have. But, CityU is giving the opportunity to earn a Postgraduate certificate in laws to applicants that have performed beyond expectations as proven in their applications. Scholarships are granted to PCLL applicants whose records have shown that they are capable of bringing the CityU name to glory.

To be accepted into the CityU School of Law is deemed with high regard. Being awarded one of the very limited number of scholarships by CityU, is of even higher esteem. The CityU School of Law awards a maximum of ten outstanding applicants with scholarships every year and each of the successful applicants will be given a HK$50,000 scholarship. Both local and non-local PCLL applicants are invited to submit their applications for the once in a lifetime opportunity to study at CityU.

It is important to note that there are no additional steps in applying to be awarded with a scholarship. Submitting an application to the CityU School of Law will automatically include you in the scholarship selection process.

Studying at CityU School of Law

Whether you receive the scholaraship or are simply accepted into the Postgraduate certificate in laws programme, one can expect to receive the best that CityU has to offer when it comes to law studies. The CityU School of Law prides itself in being among the top law universities in all of Asia. It has made its mark in law studies history and continues to build on a legacy of excellent law education. Without a doubt, earning your PCLL in Hong Kong is best done at none other than the prestigious City University.

Globally competent graduates

The School of Law trains its PCLL students to be competent trainee solicitors and exemplary pupil barristers. They are taught by no less then experts in their respective fields of study. The City University of Hong Kong has done much to stay true to its commitment to becoming the leader in law education in Asia by inviting law professionals from all over the world to provide instruction to Hong Kong’s future lawyers.

The goal of CityU School of Law is to produce graduates that posses the following qualities: Well-rounded and client-centered, highly knowledgeable, adept to problem-solving, competent in advocacies, and capable in drafting processes

Excellent law education

CityU seeks to become more than just Hong Kong’s top law school. It works tirelessly to be internationally known as Asia’s top school for law studies. To achieve that objective, the university must be vigilant and ever-accepting of constructive criticism. To maintain and elevate the quality of education at which classes are administered at the CityU School of Law, Postgraduate certificate in laws classes are conducted in intimate settings. This means that small group instructions and discussions are the common mode of learning for PCLL students. Emphasis is placed on the quality of knowledge transfer hence the implementation of this method.

Community of law professionals and institutions

The results of the method speak volumes, gaining CityU valuable recognition from the law community. The Hong Kong legal community praises the PCLLprogramme of the CityU School of Law and works on collaborative efforts to foster the growing community of law students and law professionals, in turn raising the bar for the law community in Hong Kong.

School of Law Admission Scholarship for the Full-time PCLL Programme

Purpose of the Scholarship

To reward outstanding applicants to the School of Law’s Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) Programme who fulfill the criteria for the award.

Number and Value of Award

A maximum of 10 scholarships will be awarded to the PCLL students in each academic year. The value of each scholarship will be HK$50,000. The number of scholarships and allocation of scholarships each year are left entirely at the discretion of the School, and the decision is final.

The Scholarship is payable directly to a successful applicant. .


All PCLL students (local and non-local) are eligible for the Scholarship.

Criteria for the Award

Selection of recipients will be based on a consideration of relevant factors, primarily their academic merits.

The Scholarship will be paid to the recipients after their completion of studies of Semester A in their PCLL study. To receive the Scholarship, a recipient must:

  • accept an admission offer, enrol in the PCLL programme by paying all required fees and commence his/her study in Semester A of the given academic year; and
  • undertake all the required credit units in each of the two semesters of his/her study and complete the study within one academic year.

Failure by any student to comply with any condition specified above will result in forfeiture of the Scholarship. The School of Law may also require a recipient in breach of the above to repay the money to the School.

Application Procedure and Deadline

All PCLL programme applicants will enter the application for the scholarship automatically.


For enquiries about PCLL Admission Scholarship, please email to