School of Law

School of Law Admission Scholarship for the LLM Programme

Purpose of the Scholarship

To reward outstanding students with law background and admitted to the School of Law’s Master of Laws (LLM) Programme, including the Chinese and Comparative Law Stream, International Economic Law Stream, Common Law Stream, Maritime and Transportation Law Stream, Intellectual Property and Technology Law Stream, Corporate and Commercial Law Stream and General Stream.

Number and Value of Award

There shall be three types of scholarships: (subject to approval)

  1. a maximum of 1 full scholarship to the value of 24-credit tuition fees, which equals HK$129,360;
  2. a maximum of 3 scholarships, each to the value of 12-credit tuition fees, which equals HK$64,680; and
  3. a maximum of 7 scholarships, each to the value of HK$30,000.

The number of scholarships and allocation of scholarships each year are left entirely at the discretion of the School.


All students who apply for the LLM Programme will automatically be considered.

Criteria for Award

The Scholarship shall be based on a consideration of relevant factors, primarily the academic achievements of the applicants. Applicants may be invited to an interview.

To receive the Scholarship, a recipient must:

  1. accept admission offer, enrol in the LLM programme by paying all required fees and commence his/her study in Semester A 2019/20; and
  2. (applicable to recipients of full scholarship and that of 12-credit tuition fees) undertake an academic load of minimum 12 credit units in his/her study in Semester A 2019/20 ; or
  3. (applicable to recipients of HK$30,000) undertake an academic load of minimum 6 credit units in his/her study in Semester A 2019/20;

Recipients must maintain a good academic standing in the entire study period of LLM programme, complete the LLM programme and obtain LLM degree in due course.

Failure by any recipient to comply with any condition specified above will result in forfeiture of the Scholarship. The School of Law may also require a recipient in breach of the above to repay the money back to the School.


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The Hong Kong Maritime Law Scholarship

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