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Dr ZHAO, Liang


Assistant Professor

Dr ZHAO, Liang

Contact Information

Office: YEUNG-G5359
Phone: +(852)-3442-8216
Email: l.zhao@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Carriage of goods by sea
  • Marine insurance
  • Business law
  • Contract law
  • Chinese law


  • Maritime Law and Practice in China (with Lianjun Li) (Informa Law from Routledge, 2017) 464 pages

Book chapters

  • Chapter 7 “Achievements and Challenges of Chinese Maritime Judicial Practice” in Y Zhao and M Ng eds., Chinese Legal Reform and the Global Legal Order: Adoption and Adaption (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017) (forthcoming)
  •  Chapter 3 “Ship Finance” in Justice Barma and M Thomson eds., Maritime Law and Practice in Hong Kong (Hong Kong: Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2015) 35-52

Journal articles

  • “Maritime Salvage under Contract: a Comparative Study of Chinese law and the International Salvage Convention” [2017] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 286-302  
  • “Letter of Indemnity in Carriage of Goods by Sea: Chinese Law and Judicial Practice” (2017) 47 Hong Kong Law Journal 265-289  
  • “Incorporation of Arbitration Clauses into Bills of Lading under the PRC law and its Practical Implications” Arbitration International (2016), 0, 1-15, aiw009; DOI: 10.1093 / arbint / aiw009 (with Lianjun Li) 
  • “30 years of Maritime Adjudication in China” (2016) 22 The Journal of International Maritime Law 57-67
  •  “The Right of Control in Carriage of Goods by Sea” [2014] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 393-414 
  • “Control of Goods Carried by Sea and Practice in E-Commerce” [2013] Journal of Business Law, 585-597 (collected by UNCITRAL Law Library) 
  • “The Straight Bill of Lading: Development of Presentation Rule in Mainland China and Hong Kong” (2010) Tsinghua China Law Review 131-147
  • “Enforcing an Arbitration Agreement tainted by Bribery: Cautions and Controversies”, (2009) 12 The Business Review 108-113 (with Felix Chan)

Notes and comments

  • “Retla clause on bill of lading” [2013] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 426-432
  • “Incorporating the charterparty’s applicable law clause into bills of lading” [2012] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 481-487 (with Felix Chan) (cited in para 6-031, Scrutton on Charterparties and Bills of Lading, 23rd Edition, Sweet & Maxwell, 2015)
  • “Bailment: a post-contract solution under time charters” (2012) 18 The Journal of International Maritime Law 121-125

Conference papers (selected)

  • “English Anti-suit Injunctions & Chinese Judicial Practices” (Paper presented at the Conference on Maritime adjudication and arbitration in China and UK, 16 November 2016, The Supreme People’s Court and the Xiamen Maritime Court, Xiamen, China)
  • “Cross-border Insolvency and Maritime Claims in Hong Kong” (Paper presented at  the Forum on Cross-border insolvency and maritime claims, 6 November 2016, Maritime Law and Policy Center, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China)
  • “Foreign Anti-suit Injunctions in China” (Paper presented at the CML Seminar Series, 21 July 2016, Centre for Maritime Law, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, Singapore)
  • “Anti-suit Injunctions – A Comparative Analysis” (Paper presented at the Chinese-English Maritime Law Conference, 20-21 April 2016, Institute of Maritime Law, School of Law, University of Southampton, Southampton and London)
  • “Hong Kong experience on use of electronic bills of lading” (Paper presented at the Seminar on Electronisation of Transferable Documents or Instruments Used in International Trade, 10-11 March 2016, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, Attorney-General’s Chambers of Singapore and the Association of Banks in Singapore, Singapore)
  • “Indemnities and Guarantees in Maritime Law – Civil law approaches: Chinese Law” (Paper presented at the Global Shipping Law Forum, 7-8 December 2015, Centre for Maritime Law, National University of Singapore, Singapore)
  • “Hong Kong’s position on the Rotterdam Rules” (Paper presented at the UNCITRAL CMI Asian Expert Group Meeting on the Rotterdam Rules, 22 April 2015, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, Singapore)


  • Member of Hong Kong Insurance Law Association
  • Member of Hong Kong Maritime Law Association
  • Member of China Maritime Law Association