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Professor TAN, Cheng Han

LLM (University of Cambridge)
LLB (Hons) (NUS)

Dean & Chair Professor of Commercial Law

Professor TAN, Cheng Han, SC

Contact Information

Office: LI-6108
Phone: +(852)-3442-8180

Research Interests

  • Agency, contract, corporations law
  • Legal education
  • Secured transactions.

Selected Publications


  • The Law of Agency (2nd Edition, Academy Publishing, 2017).
  • Walter Woon on Company Law (General Editor, Revised 3rd Edition, Sweet & Maxwell, 2009).
  • Matrimonial Law in Singapore and Malaysia (Butterworths, 1994).

Chapters in Books

  • “Contract Formation in Singapore” in Studies in the Contract Laws of Asia – Volume II (edited by Mindy Chen-Wishart, Alexander Loke, Stephen Vogenauer) (Oxford University Press, 2018).
  • “Equity, Shareholders and Company Law” in Equity, Trusts and Commerce (edited by Paul S Davies and James Penner, Hart Publishing, 2017) (with Wee Meng Seng).
  • “The Beijing Consensus and Possible Lessons from the ‘Singapore Model’?” in The Beijing Consensus – How China has changed the Western ideas of law and economic development and global legal practices (edited by Chen Weitseng, Cambridge University Press, 2017).
  • “The Agency of Liquidators and Receivers” in Agency Law in Commercial Practice (edited by Busch, MacGregor and Watts, Oxford University Press, 2016) (with Wee Meng Seng).
  • "The Online World and the Offline World" in Data Protection Law in Singapore: Privacy and Sovereignty in an Interconnected World (edited by Simon Chesterman) (Singapore: Academy Publishing, 2014).
  • “Company Law” in Annual Review of Singapore Cases 2017 (Academy Publishing) (with Dan Puchniak).
  • “Company Law” in Annual Review of Singapore Cases 2016 (Academy Publishing) (with Dan Puchniak).
  • “Unauthorised agency in English law” in The Unauthorised Agent – Perspectives from European and Comparative Law (edited by Danny Busch and Laura Macgregor) (Cambridge University Press, 2009).
  • “Rethinking Apparent Authority” in Developments in Singapore and Malaysian Law (Marshall Cavendish, 2007) (edited by Alan Tan) (with Tjio Hans).
  • “Incorporation and its Consequences” in Walter Woon on Company Law (Revised 3rd Edition, 2009).
  • “Debentures and Charges” in Walter Woon on Company Law (Revised 3rd Edition, 2009).


  • “Implied Terms in Undisclosed Agency” (forthcoming in the Modern Law Review).
  • “Vicarious Liability in Agency” (forthcoming in the Journal of Business Law).
  • “Mixed Ownership Reform and Corporate Governance in China’s State-owned Enterprises” (2020) 53 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 1055 (with Wang Jiangyu).
  • “Estoppel in the Law of Agency” (2020) 136 Law Quarterly Review 315.
  • “Piercing the Corporate Veil: Historical, Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives” 16 Berkeley Business L.J. 140 (2019) (with Jiangyu Wang and Christian Hofmann).
  • “Agency Reasoning – A Formula or a Tool?” [2018] Sing JLS 43 (with Francis Reynolds).
  • “NUS Law in the Noughties: Becoming ‘Asia’s Global Law School’” [2017] Sing JLS 215.
  • “Private Ordering and the Chinese in Nineteenth Century Straits Settlements” (2016) 11 Asian Journal of Comparative Law 27.
  • “State-Owned Enterprises in Singapore: Historical Insights into a Proposed Model for Reform” (2015) 28 Columbia Journal of Asian Law 61 (with Dan Puchniak and Umakanth Varottil).
  • “Five Lectures on the Common Law with Comparative Reference to the Law in China” (2015) 8 Tsinghua China Law Review 63 (with A Godwin, P S Davies, J Gans, and E Simpson).
  • “Veil Piercing – A Fresh Start” [2015] Journal of Business Law 20.
  • “Undisclosed Agency and Damages” [2013] Journal of Business Law 799.
  • “Unauthorized Agency in Chinese Law” (2013) 30 Journal of Contract Law 214 (with Kelry CF Loi)
  • “Multiple Derivative Actions” (2013) 129 Law Quarterly Review 337.
  • “Implied Warranty of Authority – Authority, Identity and Damages” (2013) 30 Journal of Contract Law 92.
  • “Authority, Vicarious Liability and Misrepresentation” [2012] Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 92.
  • “Tortious Acts and Directors” (2011) 23 Singapore Academy of Law Journal 816.
  • “The Goals and Objectives of Law Schools Beyond Educating Students: Research, Capacity Building, Community Service – The National University of Singapore School of Law Experience” (2010) 29 Penn State International Law Review 67.
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  • “Charges, Contingencies and Registration” [2002] 2 Journal of Corporate Law Studies 191.
  • “The principle in ‘Bird v. Brown’ revisited” (2001) 117 Law Quarterly Review 626.
  • “Springing Security Interests and Registration” (2001) 13 Singapore Academy of Law Journal 451.
  • “Protecting the Integrity of the Securities Market: Amendments to the Law Prohibiting Insider Trading” [2000] Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 33.
  • “Piercing the Separate Personality of the Company: A Matter of Policy?” [1999] Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 531.
  • “Unregistered Charges and Unsecured Creditors” (1998) Law Quarterly Review 565.
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  • “Pre-marital Agreements and Wilful Refusal to Consummate” (1992) 4 Singapore Academy of Law Journal 172.
  • “Transsexuals and the Law of Marriage in Singapore” [1991] Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 516.
  • “Marital Rape – Removing the Husband’s Legal Immunity” (1989) 31 Malaya Law Review 128.