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Archive - 2009

Transparency and Amicus Briefs in Investment Arbitration
Speaker: Prof David D. Caron, University of California at Berkeley
Date : 9 December 2009

The Political Economy of Rule of Law in Middle-Income Countries: A Comparison of Judicial Independence and the Role of the Judiciary in Eastern Europe and China
Speaker: Prof Randall Peerenboom
Date: 19 November 2009

Speaker: 西南政法大學行政法學院系 俞榮根教授
Date: 16 November 2009

Approximation of civil procedural law: A global perspective
Speaker: Prof dr. C.H. van Rhee, Faculty of Law, Maastricht University Netherlands
Date: 13 November 2009

Policy-Oriented Jurisprudence: A Global Approach to Solving Global Problems
Speaker: Prof Siegfried Wiessner, St. Thomas University School of Law
Date: 22 October 2009

Speaker: Dr GUO Xiaowen, The Vice Chairman of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC)
Date: 13 October 2009

行政民主潮流與行政法制革新 ——以行政指導的探索實踐和理論發展作為重點研究樣本
Date: 8 October 2009

The Principles of OBTL:Constructive Alignment and Taxonomy
Speaker:Professor John Biggs, The Principal Consultant for the OBTL Implementation Project
Date: 7 October 2009

The New Rotterdam Rules and the Carriage of Goods by Sea: a Case for Ratification or Preservation of the Status Quo?
Speaker: Prof Stephen D Girvin
Date: 4 September 2009

Common Law Torts and Human Rights: Influences and Interplay
Speaker: Mr Martin Matthews
Date: 2 September 2009

Deliberative Democracy, Legislation and Human Rights
Speaker: Dr Eric Ghosh
Date: 1 September 2009

Why Bills of Rights are Dangerous?
Speaker: Mr James Allan, Garrick Professor of Law, University of Queensland
Date: 16 March 2009

The Great Awakening of Greed---Frauds on Corporations and Financial Services in Taiwan
Speaker: Professor Yihong Hsieh, Commissioner of Taiwan Fair Trade Commission and Adjunct Professor of the EMBA Programme at the National Central University in Taiwan
Date: 16 March 2009

Are Foreign Investors afraid to institute claims against the Chinese Government?
Speaker: Dr Luke Nottage, Associate Professor of Law, University of Sydney
Date: 9 February 2009

Judiciaries in Crisis - Some Comparative Perspectives
Speaker: Professor H P Lee, Sir John Latham Chair of Law and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law, Monash University
Date: 14 January 2009