Human Rights Law and Policy Forum

About the centre

The School of Law of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) launched the Human Rights Law and Policy Forum (HRLF) in September 2017.

The mission of HRLF is to conduct and promote research, articulate policy reform options, and build capacity in the field of human rights. The HRLF brings together the School of Law’s core faculty members with expertise in the field of human rights to share their research, collaborate with others scholars from abroad and engage with like-minded organisations to promote human rights. Scholars from outside CityU are invited to share their research and exchange ideas at seminars, roundtables, workshops and conferences organized by the HRLF.

The HRLF’s primary focus is on human rights law and policy issues related to Hong Kong and Asia generally, criminal justice, business and human rights, and sustainable development goals (SDGs). The HRLF is committed to disseminating its research by publishing books, articles and policy papers on cutting-edge issues. It also seeks to empower law students, lawyers and civil society to become agents of social change. Through strategic collaborations, the HRLF actively seeks additional projects and funding to establish itself as the leading human rights research institution in Hong Kong and Asia generally.

If you have any enquires about HRLF, please contact: