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Student Exchange Programme (for LLB students)

General Information for Outbound Undergraduate Exchange students
The SLW students are encouraged to join the Student Exchange Programme. The SLW LLB students can apply for exchange places of partner institutions under the existing school-level agreements. The SLW has entered into an alliance with the Center for Transnational Legal Studies (CTLS), Georgetown University Law Center and joined the THEMIS Network.  Students will be provided with opportunities for overseas study. For CTLS programme, please click here for more information. For THEMIS Network, please click here for more information.

(1) Eligibility / Selection Criteria
Students who wish to participate in the Student Exchange Programme must meet the following requirements.

Cumulative Grade Point Average 3.0 or above

Year of Study

Undergraduate Student:
Please check out the list of partner institutions for the eligibility as it varies with different institutions.
Selection Criteria
  • Good academic performance
  • Active in extra-curricular activities/community services
  • High Level of English proficiency
  • Presentable and cheerful
  • Positive attitude towards his/her studies


(2) Application
Application and Exchange Period
Second Round of Application: August 17, 2020 to September 3, 2020 (for Exchange Activity 2020/21)


Semester A: by January/ February
Semester B:  by August / September

During application:
1. Go to AIMS and select "Outbound Student Exchange Application" under Student Services
2. Identify up to two exchange institutions at the School level from the List of Partner Institutions. 

Semester A: from March onwards
Semester B:  from September onwards

3. Announcement of application result

(Remark: As the internal deadlines of respective host institutions vary, results will be relayed to students as soon as practicable.)
After shortlisting:
4. You should go through the course lists of the institutions as soon as they are made available and identify courses that would fit your study plan and interests.
5. Consult your Programme Director on your tentative course plan and the suitability of identified courses as far as credit transfer is concerned.
6. Submit Credit Transfer Pre-approval Form for Outbound Exchange Programme (LLB) to the programme administrative staff, SLW General Office for processing.

Student Exchange Application Form
For online application, please go to AIMS and select "Outbound Student Exchange Application" under Student Services.

Course Credit Transfer Pre-approval Form
Credit transfer request should be submitted to SLW General Office for pre-approval at least one month before their departure.
Form to be downloaded here

(3) Academic Arrangement and Credit Transfer
Students should study the course catalogues at the host universities carefully and consult the Programme Director on your tentative course plan and the suitability of identified courses as far as credit transfer is concerned before you submit the Course Credit Transfer Pre-approval Form to the School for processing. In the form, you should indicate all courses you plan to take at the host institution for credit transfer. You will be notified of the outcome via email after the request is reviewed.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are enrolled in the appropriate courses at the host institution. If you have changed the list of courses as indicated in the original application of credit transfer after arriving at the host institution, you are required to notify the programme administrative staff – see below and submit an application again for any newly-added courses that you wish to transfer credits. Review of each request may take 1-2 weeks, so please make sure you reserve enough time should you need to meet the add/drop period of the host institution.


Executive Officer

Clerical Officer

LLB Programme

Ms Vivian Tsoi (

Pauline Tang (

Students going on exchange for a single semester are not allowed to enroll in year-long courses for credit-transfer purposes and students are also not allowed to take courses that have been divided into parts (e.g. Contract Law I and Contract Law II) partly in Hong Kong and partly on exchange, even if the exchange partner has divided their respective course into parts.

Upon return from the host institution, student should submit an official transcript of the exchange study to the programme administrative staff of the SLW General Office by the first week of the semester following the exchange study, or as soon as you receive it, whichever is sooner. The credit transfer will only be confirmed after the transcript of the host university has been reviewed. Fail grades will not be accepted for transfer of credits.  

Transferred credits taken during the exchange period will NOT be counted in the calculation of a student’s GPA. “TR” meaning credit transfer will be indicated ultimately in students’ academic records. There will NOT be any grade transfer.

If you wish to transfer credits to courses offered by other academic units, please submit the form to respective course offering units for pre-approval first and return it to SLW General Office. If you wish to transfer credits towards GE Requirements when an equivalent GE course cannot be identified, please attach “GE Course Credit Transfer Pre-approval Form” which can be downloaded from EDGE’s webpage to EDGE Office after school’s endorsement.

If you intend to qualify for the PCLL Programme, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have satisfied all the requirements for admission to the PCLL Programme. For details, please visit here.


(4) Budget and Financial Support
You should consider the following expenses (if applicable) when preparing for your exchange studies:

  1. Travel expenses
  2. Accommodation
  3. Passport and visa fees
  4. Medical and travel insurance
  5. Food
  6. Books and supplies
  7. Local transportation costs
  8. Personal spending
  9. Study-related fees required by your host institution

Though you are exempted from paying tuition fees to the host institution, you are required to remain enrolled at CityU by paying tuition fees and the study-related fees to CityU.
Students in particular full-time non-local students should normally undertake a loading between 12 and 18 credits during the exchange period. Tuition fees will be calculated in accordance with the number of credits enrolled. The University Finance Office will send an email in due course to all students reminding them to check out the e-statement for payment.

Financial Support

For details, please refer to GEO's website at

As requested by the University, selected students will be required to pay a Caution Money of HK$1,000 when they accept the exchange offer from the University. Students will receive a reimbursement of the Caution Money if and when they have completed the exchange programme with satisfaction, and submitted all the required documents to the University upon completion of the exchange programme. Should student fail to meet any of the above stated requirements or decide to withdraw from the programme after accepting the offer, even before or after departure, the Caution Money will be forfeited.

(5) Contact
General enquiry about the exchange programme: Ms Vivian Tsoi (


(6) Feedback Form
You are invited to complete the feedback form to provide us with valuable comments about the exchange programme. Click here.