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Professor Julien Chaisse Quoted in Financier Worldwide on the Unpredictability of Global Capital Flows Due to COVID-19 Has Led the Prospects of FDI into Deep Waters


Professor Julien Chaisse, an associate member of RCCL, explains that a pandemic is a mixture of three things which unavoidably affect global and regional foreign direct investment (FDI): (i) a mix of health and economics; (ii) an ability to spread quickly and universally; and (iii) an impact that causes all economies to suffer in the demand and supply cycle. A number of factors, including exposure, vulnerability and resilience by a country, determine the economic risk of that particular state, which further complicates the global equation. In any case, the policies adopted by developed countries have negatively affected emerging countries due to reduced trade and investment. For now, the measures adopted by states can be divided into either short-term or long-term targets. Read the full article here: Fraser Tennant, “COVID-19 and the gloomy outlook for global investment: freefall, protectionism and disputes”, Financier Worldwide, 21 June 2020 <>.