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CityU offers Master of Laws (LLM) degree in various fields of study

The City University of Hong Kong offers its students, and aspiring lawyers a diversified selection of LLM degree options to choose from. Students are also given the opportunity to earn the degrees on flexible schedules.

Earn an LLM degree on a schedule that works for you

For many, earning a master degree in law studies is a full-time commitment. Although true, it is not limited to people who have that luxury. The university seeks to provide access to higher levels of education to those who have other full-time commitments to prioritize. One can earn an LLM degree from CityU through three scheduling option schemes. The scheduling options are as follows: Full-time (for local and non-local students), part-time (for local and non-local students), and combined Mode (for local students only)

Before applying for a slot at the School of Law for an LLM degree, it is important to note that classes will be conducted in the daytime. Evening and weekend classes are also available but are not guaranteed.

Distinguishing a career specialization

Lawyers are held with high esteem in both local societies and professional communities all around the world. Because of the prestige that comes with being a lawyer, many have sought to earn the title for themselves. Today, the world is abundant with good lawyers managing their own practice. With the amount of work that comes with their careers, many lawyers are unable to proceed with taking up further studies even if it was something they had always intended to do. It is undeniable that earning an additional LLM degree will take any lawyer a cut above the majority.

Selecting an LLM degree stream of learning

The City University of Hong Kong offers its LLM degree students seven different, yet equally important streams of learning to choose from. These streams of learning are designed to provide each student with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matters involved in their chosen fields of study. By taking up further education in a more specialized discipline of study, each aspiring lawyer is trained to become more globally competent and to be of greater value to society and the law community.

Master of Laws studies at CityU

The top ranking law school continues to strive to become the top university for law studies. True to its commitment, it has provided its students with only the best quality of education achieved through years of development. Since its establishment, the university now offers seven LLM degree courses of study.

The following streams of learning are available for study to students with the right qualifications: Masters of Laws in Chinese and Comparative Law, Masters of Laws in International Economic Law, Masters of Laws in Common Law, Masters of Laws in Maritime and Transportation Law, Masters of Laws in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, Masters of Laws in Corporate and Commercial Law and Masters of Laws.

Applying for entry to the CityU School of Law

The City University of Hong Kong upholds the highest of standards when selecting individuals to be accepted into the LLM degree programmes in the School of Law. The requirements for entry into the university include having a law education and an experience in a professional practice in the country. Furthermore, applicants are expected to have passed certain examinations and assessments at the university-accepted minimum.

Apart from the necessary documentation, applicants to the School of Law must also be proficient English speakers. Applicants coming from non-English speaking institutions are required to submit documentation of their English speaking and writing skills to university for further assessment.

Master of Laws (LLM)

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Student Testimony

The LLM provided me with not only the academic knowledge but also my legal abilities for case study and critical thinking. Besides, a large number of group works in an international environment improved my communication and cooperation skills. As for me, what benefited me most for LLM was that I adjusted to the new study life quickly by choosing courses with tutorials during which I could interact with the teacher thoroughly and solve the difficulties during the course of studying. All in all, I really appreciate what I have experienced during the whole study period at the School of Law in CityU, which becomes a cherished memory for me.

CHEN Yanmei
LLM Graduate 2020


During my undergraduate study, I was trained to be a qualified legal personnel. However, I was still curious about other legal systems and willing to broaden my horizon in another legal environment. Then it reminded me of my experience as an exchange student at CityU. Therefore, with no hesitation, I chose CityU for my further study in a common law jurisdiction.

I was still amazed by the professional academic environment as well as the compact living pace here. Thankfully, the family of CityU offered me not only a unique atmosphere to seek answers to my academic pursuit but also essential life skills in daily life. In the course of my study in CityU, I converted myself to a person who always thinks broadly and critically. I started to observe and think in different ways to be as objective and impartial as possible. My year of LL.M in CityU has helped me gain a lot and built me a lot. With the education experience in CityU, no doubt, I’m one step closer to my goal to benefit the society in future.

HAN Yang
LLM Graduate 2020


I would like to acknowledge with deep gratitude City University of Hong Kong for granting me the opportunity to learn from wonderful professors and uncover the world of international law from a truly new perspective during my LLM.

My time at City University as been one of the happiest in my life, allowing me to thrive academically, professionally and uncover the beautiful gem that Hong Kong encapsulates.

The semester spent at CityU made me passionate about the dynamics of East Asia and Hong Kong as an economic and international legal hub. I am very thankful to Dr. Noam Zamir for granting us the opportunity to meet with Neil Kaplan at the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center! 

Finally, I would like to thank my inspiring professor Dr. Christopher To and express my sincere and profound gratitude to my supervisor, Professor Julien Chaisse, for his continuous support, patience, and immense wealth of knowledge, let alone his high involvement in my success in receiving a PhD position. 

City University of Hong Kong has been the key stepping stone towards my PhD in International Investment Arbitration at Queen Mary University of London! 

LLM Graduate 2020


Choosing the LLM program of CityU is a life-changing decision for me. After six years of law clerking, I still feel the impulse to learn more about other legal systems and global practices. Thanks to the National Judge College and CityU for providing this precious opportunity for us. Through this LLM programme, I have not only enriched my legal knowledge, but also enhanced my global vision and mindset.

Clearly, studying at CityU in 2019-2020 is anything but ordinary. With the ups and downs of the external environment, I was truly privileged to enjoy a pure and challenging learning experience with the world-class faculty and resources at CityU. I was deeply impressed by the excellence, dedication, and professionalism of the CityU teachers, as well as the timely and meticulous adjustments during the pandemic. Like most people, this year was also a tough journey for me. However, with hardwork, many moments of epiphany just happened naturally and spontaneously. Thanks again to this wonderful programme. In this memorable year, I have gained a lot more than a degree.

MENG Tianyi
LLM Graduate 2020


Before participating in CityU’s LLM programme, I was a lawyer. Since CityU’s LLM project was very attractive, I chose it to improve my academic qualifications. The Intellectual Property and Technology Law Stream in the programme gave me access to many advanced technologies and corresponding laws, which greatly broadened my horizons. This programme not only taught me the legal concept of civil law and common law, but also taught me how to learn and research. At the same time, the teaching method of the LLM programme included student collaboration, which allowed me to exchange and learn knowledge from students of different backgrounds. In short, the precious experience at CityU has allowed me to broaden the scope of my work as a lawyer, which is of great help to my future.

SHEN Yuhong
LLM Graduate 2020


The School of law has close cooperation with mainland China, Macau and Taiwan, as well as plenty of exchange programmes with European universities. It provides us an international perspective in law.

The experience in CityU law school is a treasure in my life. Professors led me to practical knowledge of law in the areas of international finance, international investment and international trade. Many of my classmates are great lawyers, judges and arbitrators all over the world. I learned a lot from them. 2019-2020 is a hard year for both Hong Kong and the world, but CityU and School of Law still made our study an enjoyable experience.

YE Yang
LLM Graduate 2020


After completing my LLB at The University of Nottingham, I gained a solid foundation of common law knowledge but realised I lacked a deep understanding of the legal system of Hong Kong and the PRC. The School of Law at CityU provided me with the academic rigor and flexibility for me to pursue further legal studies in a system I would eventually qualify as a lawyer in. Throughout my time at CityU, I was mentored by academics and practitioners with extensive experience in their respective field who were always happy to answer questions during the course. The flexibility of the LLM allowed me to participate in a variety of extracurriculars, including the Jessup Public International Law Moot, CityU Law Review, and the CityU Men's Rowing team. Although the LLM was challenging at times from pursuing with all these activities concurrently, the knowledge, mentors and friends were what made the course worth it. I strongly recommend the LLM at CityU to those who are self-initiated and are keen to obtain a better understanding of the HK legal system.

Justin YUEN
LLM Graduate 2020


The School of Law at CityU opened the gateway to the world of common law for me. As a world-recognized law school with great reputation, it ignited my passion for learning with its leading-edge teaching method and outstanding educational support.

Those days and nights spent with CityU are the most inspiring moments for me. Through systematic and intensive study, I can clearly feel the enhancement of my problem-solving skills and professional competence. The learning experience has also refreshed my perspectives of thinking with a deeper understanding to the common law system. All these precious gifts awarded by CityU will undoubtedly benefit my legal career in the future.

LLM graduate 2020