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Choosing your Band A JUPAS Choice courses

Applying to certain universities in Hong Kong require applicants to go through JUPAS. Your JUPAS choice courses will be heavily considered by the university so make sure to carefully select your JUPAS Band A courses.

Prioritizing your JUPAS choice courses

The standardized admissions system for some Hong Kong universities requires its applicants to not only list their JUPAS choice courses down but to also distinguish their JUPAS band A courses. This means that among all of your desired courses to take up, you must rank each of these courses by categories or bands according to the value of importance you assign to each.

Each applicant is allowed up to 20 JUPAS choice courses. There are a total of five JUPAS bands to categorize your courses under. JUPAS band A and B will let you list three courses each. Bands C to E will let you list 4 to 5 courses each. Placing your most desired courses in JUPAS band A means that your results and eligibility will be matched to the course requirements you have prioritized. If your results do not pass the JUPAS choice courses in band A, your results will then be assessed against your JUPAS band B choices and so on.

Selecting the courses for your JUPAS band A

It is important to note that your performance on the examination and the JUPAS choice courses you have chosen will greatly affect your admittance to your desired university and course of study. With that said, you must take enough time and make careful considerations when selecting your JUPAS band A courses.

The universities at which you apply for will compare your eligibility to the performance requirements of the JUPAS band A courses you listed down. Although they will not be able to know the ratings you gave each JUPAS choice course, they will know which ones you’ve selected for the top priority category.

Law courses make for good JUPAS band A choice course

The City University of Hong Kong offers a good number of courses in their School of Law. Make it a point to list the Bachelor of Laws course in your JUPAS choice listing. Making it one of your JUPAS band A courses will also allow you to be considered for entry into the prestigious law school of Asia’s top ranking legal education provider.

The demand for lawyers in Hong Kong continues to grow. Your intention and desire to become a lawyer by graduating from one of Asia’s leading law schools will be of great interest to universities such as the City University of Hong Kong. So, make sure that you have the Bachelor of Laws in your JUPAS band A. Having it in less prioritized bands will give the admitting university the impression that although it is your desire to become a law professional, it is not your priority.

Improve your chances of becoming a lawyer by making a clear list of your JUPAS choice courses and really giving the prioritization of courses ample time for decision making.

Basics of the JUPAS application process

Once you have decided on your JUPAS choice courses and how you will prioritize them, it’s important to take note of the steps of the application process. The steps are as follows: Visit the JUPAS website to evaluate your eligibility, asses the list of courses you can apply for at the City University of Hong Kong, take note of the admittance requirements, submit your application documents through the JUPAS website, then await feedback regarding your eligibility.

Bachelor of Laws (LLB) - HKDSE Selection Criteria

JS1061 School of Law

Assessment of Applications (HKDSE)

For applicants who have fulfilled the minimum entrance requirements, admission scores will be calculated for the selection of applicants. Presented below are the subjects and weightings to be used for the calculation of an admission score, with weighting applied, for main consideration.

JUPAS Code College / School Weighted Admission Score for Main Consideration
No. of subjects Subject Weighting
Chi Eng Maths Liberal Studies 1st Elective 2nd Elective
(including M1/M2)
School of Law (SLW)
Best 6 including English 1 1 1 1 1 1

1. Unspecified elective subjects may include "other languages" at grade E or above.
2. If students take both M1 and M2, they will be counted as one subject only.
3. Applied Learning subjects are not counted as elective subjects.


Scoring Scale
Core and Category A core and Elective Subjects (including M1/M2)
Level 5** 5* 5 4 3 2 1
Score 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Category C Other Language Subjects

Grade A B C D E
Score 5 4 3 2 1



Subjects HKDSE Results
School of Law
Weighted Admission Score
(score x weighting)
Chinese Language 4 4 x 1
English Language 5* 6 x 1
Mathematics (Compulsory part) 3 3 x 1
Liberal Studies 3 3 x 1
Physics 5 5 x 1
Chinese History 5 5 x 1
Information and Communication Technology 5 5 x 1
Total weighted score 28
1. Unspecified elective subjects may include "other languages" at grade E or above.
2. If students take both M1 and M2, they will be counted as one subject only.
3. Applied Learning subjects are not counted as elective subjects.
4. When there are more than two elective subjects, the two elective subjects with the highest weighted scores are counted.


Other Considerations

HKDSE students should achieve Level 5 or above in English Language and satisfy the University general entrance requirements. Other information such as a student’s band choice and interview performance will be taken into consideration for admission.