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Prof. LIN, Feng

Associate Dean & Professor, School of Law

Dr LIN, Feng

Contact Information

Office: AC 1-G5756
Phone: +(852)-3442-7400

Research Interests

  • Comparative Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Comparative Environmental Law
  • Comparative Labour (Employment) Law


LLB (Fudan); LLM (Wellington); PhD (Peking)

Professional Qualifications/Membership

Barrister (Middle Temple, England and Wales, Hong Kong); Member of Bar Council of Hong Kong Bar Association

Professional and Community Services

  • Member of the Technical Committee of the HKQAA as an expert on Chinese employment and social security law, 1999 onwards.
  • Member of Special Committee on Constitutional Law and Human Rights, Bar Council of Hong Kong Bar Association, 2007 to now.
  • Member, Telecommunications (Competition Provisions) Appeal Board, 1 November 2014 – now.
  • Member, Law Reform Commission, February 2013 – now.
  • Director, Hong Kong Foundation for Legal Studies Ltd., Director since its founding.
  • Director, Hong Kong Heal Foundation Ltd., Director since its founding.


  • Co-Editor, Asia Pacific Law Review

Publications (Since 2014)

Journal Articles

  • 林峰,“公民權利與政治權利國際公約與香港行政長官選舉”,《清華法學》, 2015年第5期, 第99-114頁
  • 林峰,“論雙非孕婦、奶粉限購及一簽多行問題的處理”,《紫荊論壇》,2015年5月-6月第21期,第88-93頁。
  • Pinky Choy & Lin Feng, “Public Litigation in Hong Kong” (2015) 114 China Law 83-90.
  • 林峰,“2017 普選行政長官的法律挑戰及未來”,《紫荊論壇》,2014年7月-8月,第38-45頁。

Book Chapters

  • 林峰、王書成,“基本法第24條與香港永久性居民的法理定位”,載於陳弘毅、鄒平學主編,《香港基本法面面觀 》(香港:三聯書店(香港)有限公司,2015)。
  • 林峰,“《香港特別行政區基本法》的落實狀況(2014)”,載於李林、田禾主編,《中國法治發展報告 (法治藍皮書)(2015)》(北京市:社會科學文獻出版社,2015)。
  • Feng Lin, “The Administrative Litigation (Judicial Review) System in Hong Kong and its Future”, in Yuwen Li (ed.), Administrative Litigation Systems in Greater China and Europe (Ashgate, 2014), pp. 41-72.
  • 林峰,“2013年香港基本法實施情況)”,載於李林、田禾主編,《中國法治發展報告 (法治藍皮書)(2014)》(北京市:社會科學文獻出版社,2014)。

Research Grants (Since 2014)

  • “Hunting, Fishing and Gathering Law and Policy for Minority Peoples in China’s Autonomous Areas—An Empirical and Comparative Study”, General Research Fund (GRF), Research Grant Committee (RGC), Hong Kong Government, Amount: HK$607,339, from 1 Jul 2014 (on-going), Lin Feng (PI).
  • “A Study on Election Mechanism for the Chief Executive in 2017”, grant from HKSAR Central Policy Unit, Amount:  HK$600,000, 1 March 2013-30 Nov 2014), Lin Feng (PI).