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Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law


Our Mission

The Centre contributes to the University's goal of excellence - research. The Centre aspires to become the premier Chinese and comparative law research centre in the Asia Pacific region through organizing and facilitating research on Chinese and comparative law. The Centre disseminates research results and knowledge in the HKSAR, the Mainland and overseas. The Centre provides a platform for discussion and exchange of knowledge amongst a diverse group of scholars and develops links for a co-operative research culture.

Latest News

07.11.2018RCCL Retreat (Eng || Chi)
23.08.2018Recent Developments of the Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law (RCCL) as of August 2018 (Eng || Chi)
17-18.05.2018RCCL Conference on “Dispute Resolution in Asia and Beyond: Progress and Trends” (Eng || Chi)
22.03.2018Recent Developments of the Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law (RCCL) (Eng || Chi)
26-27.10.2017International Conference on the Evolution of Constitutional Order of the HKSAR: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives (Eng || Chi)
19-20.08.2016RCCL Conference on Judicial Reform in China (Eng || Chi)
23-24.06.2016RCCL Conference on “Governance, Democratization and Constitutional Reform: Definition of Political Structure of the HKSAR and Its Reform” (Eng || Chi)
05.06.2016RCCL Roundtable on “Legal Issues Relating to Mong Kok Riot, Hong Kong Independence, and Freedom of Expression” (Eng || Chi)
15-16.04.2016Conference of Perspectives on Chinese Contract Law (Eng || Chi)
06-07.11.2015Law Conference of Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan: Legal Issues Relating to the “One Belt, One Road” Strategy (Eng || Chi)
18-19.09.2015 RCCL Conference on “The Occupy Central Movement and Its Aftermath: An Interdisciplinary Study” (Eng || Chi)