Course materials
Year 1

Semester A

Jurisprudence 法理學
Jurisprudence_Booklist.docx Click Here

Constitutional & Administrative Law 憲法與行政法

Semester B

Legal History 中國法制史

Criminal Law 刑法

Summer Semester
Real Property Law, Labor Law & Environmental Law 房地產法、勞動法和環保法

Intellectual Property Law 知識產權法
Year 2
Semester A
Contract Law, Company Law & Securities Law 合同法、公司法與證券法
Contract Law, Company Law and Securities Law _Booklist.docx Click Here
公司法、證券法授課大綱(學生版)_賈林青教授 Click Here

Criminal Procedural Law and Civil Procedural Law 刑事訴訟法與民事訴訟法

Semester B
Property Law and Tort Law 物權法與侵權責任法

Fair Trade Law and Tax Law 公平交易法與財稅法

Summer Semester
Foreign Investment Law and Arbitration Law 外商投資法與仲裁法

Consumers’ Law and Basic Law of Hong Kong and Macau 消費者法與港澳基本法