The establishment of the Centre fast gained support from the community when the idea was initiated. A meeting was held with the representatives of Transport and Housing Bureau and the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers. The Centre has established an Advisory Committee to provide guidance on its future agenda. Members of the Advisory Committee include:-

Mr Kenneth Koo
(Group Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Tai Chong Cheang Group)
Professor John Mo
(Dean, Faculty of International Law, China University of Political Science and Law)
Dr Charles Li
(Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Finance, College of Business, CityU)
Mr Andrew Liao
(Former Member, Executive Council)
Professor Andrew Lim
(Head, Department of Management Science, College of Business, CityU)
Professor Charles Norchi
(Director of the Marine Law Institute, University of Maine School of Law)
Dr Kennedy Wong
(Managing Partner, Philip K H Wong, Kennedy Y H Wong & Co.)
Professor Anton Cooray
(Associate Dean, School of Law, CityU)
Mr Gu Minkang
(Associate Dean, School of Law, CityU)
Mr Christopher To (Adjunct Professor, School of Law, CityU)

Mr Philip Yang (Professor, School of Law, CityU)


Last Updated: 22 March 2011      
2011 School of Law, City University of Hong Kong